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i feel its a combination of things. the dreams are your subconscious talking to you about the pain you feel and how you choose to turn a blind eye. the whole cooking eggs thing you did cast something as you focused your intent and desires. even if you laughed it off later, in the moment you sent your intentions out [be careful what you wish for and think before you act] this probably triggered his guilt, but all the bad stuff to happen i doubt was your fault. he probably realised how much he hurt you and feels bad. will this last? don't know, you might of snapped him back, or maybe your will overpowered him for a time but he'll return to himself in a little while once the energy weakens and he starts falling into old habits [i'm not saying cheating. i'm saying you could cast a spell to motivate someone and it work, but if they're not 100% willing, don't be surprised if you catch them watching tv in their pj's with a giant bowl of chips] overall, i recommend couples counselling if you haven't already, and some deep soul diving for yourself.
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