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Nothing but fakereferrals

Forums ► Comments ► Nothing but fakereferrals
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Nothing but fakereferrals
Post # 1
I am no better off and still have not got my husband back, influences in ghis life gone, him faithful and devoted, all the referrals all they do is bleed you dry of money you can't pay cause husband is not in your life, then make up excuse or phony reason why their spells don't work and no proof they did anything to help in the first place. I could of did the same all on my own which failed but not from lack of trying from just not into that kind of practices am Christian and the rip offs more money no results now have nothing cause no husband to provide money and more fakes all in Nigeria using western union scams. Don't fall for it they take money and don't help just demand more money with no results and no good change just make Disabled woman more sick with no money no real help just harm innocent person needing husband backDone no trust or believe fake only get husband back then will believe!
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Re: Nothing but fakereferrals
By: / Novice
Post # 2
First off you said "no husband to provide money" which I'm not sure if you realize this but women can hold a job and make money too. That is not something you need a man for.

Secondly, if you want your husband back and he does not want to come back perhaps accept it and move on with your life. If he left it is probably because something wasn't working. He made that choice and he has the free will to do so. If it's not meant to be it won't.

Thirdly, if you are paying for someone to do magick for you when many are fakes then what did you expect? Your better off learning how to do things yourself. It's fairly obvious that most of them are money grubby scams that make things up to get money. Many go so far as to make up fake threats saying to accept their help to protect you from [insert fake threat here] .
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Re: Nothing but fakereferrals
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

You posted the same complain in April and again in June.

Instead of complaining about it to people who don't even know you, what have you actually done to convince your husband to come back? And why would you want someone back who has abandoned you before?

Perhaps you ought to be considering what you can do to help you move on without him.

(By the way, please be aware that posting the same thing over and over is a violation of site rules.)

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Re: Nothing but fakereferrals
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
In stead of wallowing in a bad situation, why not use magic for its ultimate purpose (as some would call it): personal change?

You cannot firce him to come back. Let him go, and move on yourself.

Develop yourself into a better person. Seek enlightenment in whatever tradition you follow, and seek improvement in your own life. It is not an easy path, but you will be better for it.
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Re: Nothing but fakereferrals
By: / Novice
Post # 5
confusing post but i think i get your point.

1. you should never pay for spells as anyone can cast spells. many however do not know this , or do not understand magick, so they turn to 'professional casters' who prey on the desperate. i'm sorry you got scammed, but i hope everyone understands people who cast for others for money are scammers [even if they don't ask for money the first time 99% of people are up to something, be it identity theft, or extortion later down the line]

2. while magick is a nature force that isn't religious in nature, if you are a Christian, magick is frowned upon in the bible. you could argue the reason this spell failed was divine intervention to teach you a lesson about using magick.

3. magick isn't just waving a wand and all your dreams come true, you have to work for it. you say you did, and it still ended. sometimes people are not meant to be. he might not of wanted to put for the effort, or perhaps you weren't willing to address the true problem. whatever the case, people get together and break up for so many reasons, sometimes they grow as individuals and discover they want something else, perhaps there's trust issues, one cheated, one wants something different from life, there's a million possibilities. a spell can take you part of the way, you can carry it the rest, but it isn't always guaranteed because of the human factor, maybe he just didn't want to be married any more. you worked, the spell worked, he did not.

4. i don't know about Nigeria, or Western Union, or any of that, but i do know you have computer access which means you could look for work, school, or any number of ways out of this situation. it's hard, and i know you want to cry and blame because you're upset, but crying won't do any good. take time to mourn the loss, but you need to stand tall and do something about your life. you are still here. it isn't easy but you can have a brighter future, you can do so many things if you only try. don't define yourself by your husband. he quit, you tried.

5. since you are Christian, go to church, speak to your priest, see if there's any jobs, community service, counselling, secondary education, anything in your community which can help you on your path. my parents got divorced, a good friend of my mom's told her 'don't loose your spiritual connection' she didn't said 'faith' or 'Christianity' don't loose your spiritual connection. you believe in God? he still loves you, and he is there to help you if you ask. he won't hand you a husband, but he will lead you to where you were meant to be.

good luck to you.
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Re: Nothing but fakereferrals
By: / Novice
Post # 6
while there are people offline who cast spells for money, or there are people who do it for free online, the vast majority are scams, either charging too much, or promising outlandish things. so instead of listing a case by case basis, it's best to avoid all professional spell casters [specifically online] because you can cast spells yourself, and you don't know until it's too late. people can offer donations, or a basic price for materials, everyone is different. some people believe charging for spells taints the energy, it's all very complicated so it's easier to say do not trust online casters.

and how do you think people get experience? practice, practice, practice! you are close to the situation, you can personalise it more, the energy and desperation is more intense, and it adds elements to the spell a spell caster for hire cannot. give a man a fish he eats for a day, teach a man to fish he eats forever. too often people get codependent on those wiser than they and refuse to try out of fear.

no. con-artists have always observed and preyed on the vulnerable, that's how it works. today it is easiest of all since so many open up on the internet forgetting the dangers that may lurk. most parts of Africa witchcraft is illegal, people are being killed, and children are abandoned because they're believed to be a witch. sure, tribes have shaman, but you realise Africa isn't a giant wasteland of mud-huts and people wearing leaves right?

what i meant by 'don't ask for money the first time' i am referring to people saying 'totally free' and they cast the spell in question for free but oh no, i sense a dark presence, i can remove it, but i need 100$
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