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yea, if you're still pining and wallowing after 3 years as if you broke up last week, i would seek professional help as you have spiralled into a dark place.a counsellor can help you work through this but [unlike people online] can diagnose if you have any mental issues which need addressing [and before you think we're calling you crazy, i have struggled with anxiety and depression, so i know the pain. professionals can help wonders] you can [and should] try working through accepting and releasing the past, but you will probably need someone beside you for emotional support.

regarding your healing spell you cast. healing spells are great, but with all spells they don't instantly 'cure light wounds' and poof you're fine. the healing spell might of took the pain away for a day, but in that window you should work towards further healing. you need to put effort in to achieve the goal of whatever spell you cast [i think the only exception is cleansing and protection as they are energy workings and do not achieve physical results] you can turn your healing process into a spiritual one [write a letter to your ex and burn it, releasing your pain, clean out all things that remind you of him and get rid of it, journal, meditate, go on walks, feel your feelings, accept, and release] it's a long process, and while it isn't easy, there's less pain down the healing path than the one you're on now.

i also wish to reccomend TinyBuddha.com to you, it helped me through my darkest times, you might find some inspiration on their site


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