Send positive thoughts?

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Send positive thoughts?
Post # 1
Hi everybody.
I am new here, and I am wondering if someone have the posibility to send positive thoughts to someone to make them see things more positive?
Hope someone can help me.
Thank you.
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Re: Send positive thoughts?
Post # 2
Welcome to SoM! :)
I'm not really understanding what you mean.
If you mean that you could try to use magic to make somebody see some things positively then that most likely won't work.
If you want somebody to see positively about things, be there for them, care for them, respect them, being a friend to somebody can be a good way for them to see positive about things.
Giving good advice, inspiring words, and being cheerful with/around them could be other ways to help them to see positively.
Anyone can have the 'power' to give positive thoughts to the other person, but those can be done by actions and words, not really by your mind (if you was talking about that and I didn't notice, or I'm not on topic and that's not really was you was asking.)
If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.
Blessed Be!
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Re: Send positive thoughts?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Thoughts are energy/chemicals travelling by your neuronal pathways. You can influence someone's energetic field by standing very near them and being positive and loving, this will be further reinforced if you enhance the effect with gentle and supporting words, expressing positive and loving emotions and gestures. All of these combined will make the this person very open and feeling safe to receive your energy and positive vibrations.

If the person is not physically near, you can hold in your hands their picture, a clothing they wore or object they owned for some time and has imprinted their energy, while meditating and sending them your love and positive energy. The objects serve as a link between their energy field and yours. The person has to be open to receive (ideally). Family members share genetic and blood links. Members of the coven that have worked for some time can automatically attune to each others energy, and can share energy, even without direct physical link at hand.

Additionally, you can charge water(any drink) with loving energy and give them to drink it.

Prayers/chants are energy put in motion and forwarded. When we pray/chant for someone, we hold higher vibration (dictated by pure love) and send it forward by connecting to Higher Power, which then transmits the energy back to the receiver on the other end.

Positive state of being touches everyone and everything on our path. It is the blessing we have received being transmitted to others and acting as a reminder that they have been blessed with love and support too.
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