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honey jar
Post # 1
So I am making a honey jar spell to try and get my ex back, I need advice only so please no comments telling me not to do it! So far I am going to add
-cinnamon oil and powder
-rosewood oil
-love me oil
-a picture of each of us wrapped in red string
-a cutting of his boxer shorts (as they won't fit whole)
-one of his socks (which has been washed, I hope this doesn't matter)
-and a blue and pink candle on top to finish

Would this all be okay, and would you add anything else? How often should i light the candles and can I light them more than once or do i have to replace them?
Thank you!
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Re: honey jar
Post # 2
Well Personally I would go with limited stuff. I mean it's okay if you have a personal belonging of his but don't go overboard. Keep things simple. I would suggest write a petition paper anoint it with whichever oil you prefer, place herbs and the belonging which I guess cutting of his boxer shorts is good or pictures in the middle of the petition paper and do the complete ritual.
For the candles
Pink increases romance, friendship and kindness, pale blue calms situations, and red increases passion. Choose what feels best to you. Usually I'd opt for pink, as it is warm and an easy vibration.
Anoint the candle with oil, Focusing strongly on your intention. Place the candle on top of the jar, and light it with intention. State your intention as you light it, and keenly and with great focus, visualize what you wish to have change in this situation. Visualize things happening as you want them to. See the other person as being warm and welcoming, kind and helpful, or loving and romantic towards you.
Candles can be burned for two or three times a week. Do this every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, for as long as it takes. Add each new candle on top of the remains of the last one. You must always notice the behavior of the candle flame while doing your spell. It would help you get an idea of the situation
I hope I answered your questions
Good luck!!!
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Re: honey jar
By: / Novice
Post # 3
well, why do you have each item?
a picture of the two of you together is a fine idea, but why tie it with string? [i know, to bind you together, but i wouldn't because that could come back to bite you. a picture of a happy memory is all you need]

why the cinnamon? [personally i add cinnamon to everything because it works well for me] i would go with cinnamon sticks only, i wouldn't add cinnamon oil and cinnamon powder, you already have cinnamon. if you had to choose one go with the powder as it would be 'purer' than the oil.

boxer shorts and his sock, as with the cinnamon, pick one [boxers would be better imo] you've already personalized it with one item, a second doesn't make it extra personalized [... unless you use his blood, hair, spit, so on. but i don't recommend ripping chunks of your ex's hair out for a spell]

a blue and pink candle? [i get it, blue for boy pink for girl] you already have a photo of the two of you, so the coloured candle you are placing on top of the jar is typically used to add power from the corresponding colour, not a boyfriend and girlfriend represented in candle form [again, the photo plays that role] i would go with pink or red since you want to spark love.

another thing i would change is i wouldn't use oil in the jar, i prefer using herbs in the jar and using the oil to either anoint the herbs/photo/clothing or the candle. [and again, cinnamon oil, rosewood oil, and love me oil? overkill my friend. use the love me oil and sub out cinnamon powder and a red rose petals instead]

personally i would light the candle for a couple minutes every night from the new to full moon [letting the candle burn out on the full moon] each time you light the candle recite the chant [if there is any] and visualize the two of you together again.

now, one other point, you should probably reflect on why you broke up in the first place so you can understand why and how to resolve the issue, so if you do get back together history will not repeat itself. also, the spell most likely will not make him walk over to you and go 'all is forgiven, we're dating again!' keep an eye out for subtle hints, become friendly with him again, and when the time feels right, calmly talk with him.
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