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How to contact a spirit

Forums ► Spiritual Creatures ► How to contact a spirit
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How to contact a spirit
Post # 1
So, I am starting too feel like, there is a spirit following me. I have seen it in a two different dreams, usually in a form of a large, black and brown dog. The first time I saw him, I remember helping him on something, but I can't really remember on what exactly. the next dream I saw him in, he was just following me and my "friend" (that friend in my dream was no one I could recognise) and my friend didn't really like him following us, so she called him a demon and started banishing him. The spirit did leave for awhile, but he came back in that dream around the same time I woke up. I want to make a note, that this spirit did not seem aggressive in any way. Friendly actually.

So, these dreams made me wonder if this spirit is actually sticking around with me... I would like to know how to contact him if he indeed was somewhere around me. I was thinking about trying to seek him out due meditation, but I am not exactly sure if or how that would work out.

Thank you if you can help me with this!
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Re: How to contact a spirit
Post # 2
Well, if you happen to know his name or any information towards him, maybe a summoning ritual/spell would be best.

If not, however, there is another method. Using an Ouija board.
The problem is, you can never trust the board on what it sais, has it will lie alot, and there's nothing that will guarantee that the spirit you're communicating is the spirit that you want.

You can also try a method using candles, mirrors etc.. But then again, nothing can ensure you that the spirit you're actually talking too, is the spirit you want to reach out too.
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Re: How to contact a spirit
Post # 3
Thanks, MoonCurse. I will probably try summoning it then. I don't know his name, but I know what he looks like. I hope that will be enough.
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Re: How to contact a spirit
Post # 4
Another advice, be careful. Spirits can be tricky. If you sense the room getting " heavy " ( being hard to breath ) or any other thing out of the ordinary, you should immediatly stop.

Maybe casting a protection circle wouldn't be a bad idea.

Blesed Be.
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Re: How to contact a spirit
Post # 5
If a spirit is already in contact with you, summoning it is probably frivolous. Contacting spirits is as easy as speaking. "Hearing" back is the tricky part. It won't speak in an audible voice like another human. Inducing trance could help you achieve the state of mind needed to "listen" for it. As it already seems content to contact you via your dreaming state, I think that practicing lucid dreaming and calling upon it from there would be a logical method. Alternatively create a hollow thought form and invite it to inhabit the form. Something it's comfortable with, like the dog from your dream. It's not incredibly likely that it's a demon, nor is it impossible. You should always use a protective circle or some sort of ward when reaching out to spirits, and no matter how friendly it may seem, always banish it when the seance is over, before closing your circle/ward.
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Re: How to contact a spirit
By: / Novice
Post # 6

Cleanse, protect, invite, percieve, speak, percieve, dismiss, protect, cleanse


Removing stagnant energy and empowering the space can help you "tune" into what a spirit is trying to communicate with you. This is also prudent to do post session to remove any "left over" energy.


Lay down some form of protection, that way not any old wandering entity can come in and masquerade as the entity you'd like to communicate with. Doing again post-session will help prevent re-entry and "closes the door", so to speak.


This is the simple part, I usually light a candle and ask the specified entity to join me in the space.


This is the 'hardest' step for people who are not already sensitive or "in tune" with such things. Spirits will not, generally, speak to you, they manifest their communication in a variety of other ways, usually some inner feeling, a flicker of the candle, or manifested in some divinatory sytem you already have in place. You must remain quite, still, and perceptive. Let no feeling or 'random' thought escape you. This can come in th form of imagery, emotion, or feeligs. For instance, I've had imagery placed in my head and I've also been choked, by communicating spirits. Speak clearly and listen, do not repeat yourself endlessly and be respectful.


Done before and after percieving to convey to the spirit what you are here for or what you are trying to accomplish. Be patient and don't be repetitive. Often, people will repeat themselves and this prevents them from listening. Be quiet, be patient, and be perceptive.


When you are done, politley, but firmly, dismiss said spirit. Blow out the canldes, close the circle, etc.

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