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Gaia and Luna

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Gaia and Luna
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Gaia and Luna
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Disclaimer: This is all my opinion and is not in any way official information or fact. These are just my experiences. Take them or leave them. But know that what I am sharing here is sensitive and controversial in nature. It cannot be helped.

I have been focusing on these two deities in my recent practices, for a number of reasons, and have a few insights to share as a result of my experiences and interactions.

I initially chose to focus on Gaia specifically to reduce an energy drain that I have been experiencing lately in my environment. Gaia is the Greek name for the Goddess of the Earth. I consider connecting to Gaia, and grounding into the energy of the Earth, to be the same. So, to prevent the energy drain from my environment, I was grounding myself into the energy of Gaia, perhaps even 'rooting' would be an appropriate term as compared to grounding. I discovered that the energy of Gaia is profoundly uplifting and positive. I learned that the idea of Gaia being 'stability' for us, is not just due to her earthen nature, but because she is motherly, kind, and loving. Instead of needing to constantly create your own positivity in your life, you can in fact easily connect yourself to the positivity of Gaia. She will replenish you and rejuvenate you. You might even say that her energy is healing and cathartic.

Because I was so impressed with her, I asked my partner, who is a medium, to try to communicate with her directly. I wanted to ask her for help with my psychic development. It is worth noting that sometimes getting a hold of entities, especially gods/goddesses, can be a time consuming process (it can take days, weeks, months, years, etc depending on who it is and what their station is) because they have a lot of things to do and to be 'busy' with other than helping us out. I'm not sure if it was just good timing or if Gaia is just easier to get a-hold of since we do in fact live on Earth, the planet she presides over, but she responded pretty much instantly. As can be imagined, her tone was warm, and motherly. She said that she would be 'happy to help'. However, she added, that the powers of the air (as pertaining to psychic ability) was not her domain. In order for her to help me with my psychic development, she said that she would need to work together with Luna, or the Goddess of the Moon. Luna is the Roman name for the Goddess of the Moon.

This struck me as interesting of course, and my partner then attempted to contact Luna. She was not available at the time so we did not make a connection. Since then I have been meditating on the spirit of Luna, and that of the moon, in order to strengthen her presence around us and also to use the lunar energy in my meditations. I have found that it can be easier to meditate on her when I am outside at night, however it doesn't truly matter overall of course. A few days later, we tried to contact her again. This time, we got a response from one of the spirits associated with her. We were informed that Luna is actually quite preoccupied during times near and around a full moon and does not have much time to give to us, because when the moon is full this is because of the light of the sun being reflected off of it. We were told that this is actually something that gives her a lot to do or 'deal with'. We were told that the best time to get her attention is actually during a new moon, or when the moon is dark. At that time she has more to give to us.

Now, this actually came as quite an interesting revelation to us. Most would have you believe that the best time to practice magic as pertaining to the moon is actually on the full moon. So, what this spirit informed us of completely turns that entire philosophy and belief on its head. You could say even that most people are doing moon related magic in the most counter-productive way possible. This could be very useful information for anyone who practices magic.

So, we will try again at or near the next new moon. From today, the next new moon will be June 4. Yesterday was a full moon, I might add. I will of course continue my meditations on the lunar energy until then. The greater my affinity for it, the better result when or if I work with any entities having to do with it.

It is all quite interesting in my opinion, it will be interesting to see where it goes. :)
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Re: Gaia and Luna
Post # 2
Sozerius you truly are an inspiration when it comes to meditative work! Would you share any advice to me on connecting with her on a personal level?
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Re: Gaia and Luna
By: / Beginner
Post # 3

Thank you. :)

For Gaia, I personally empty myself of physically oriented focuses, especially regarding my senses. After this, I focus on the awareness that I have around a single thought, such as the intent to connect with Gaia. I find that being aware of this thought in my mind can help me to 'transition' my consciousness to a state closer to the spirit orientation. Then I lower my focus to below my body, not too far away, just generally below, and I project just enough of my awareness downwards in order to get a bit of a hook into the stream of energy that flows in the earth. I also like to visualize this as a root from my spirit. When I feel that I am drawing energy, then I will visualize a 'funnel' and focus my awareness around it, like it is catching energy from the flow under me and bringing it into and around me.

For Luna, I find that the energy is somewhat less noticable as of yet, however, I focus above instead of below. When I am uncertain about an entity but am familiar with the idea and name, I will try to reduce my consciousness as much as possible, and then once I have adjusted to the most subtle awareness around my thoughts that I am able to, I will project that entitie's name by 'thinking' it into my spiritual consciousness, on these subtle levels, with the will to draw that entitie's energy to me. So that is what I have done. It can also help to talk, or to simply state a simple statement of intent. Such as a request for aid, etc. I sat outside under the moon to do this for Luna, and tried to be sensitive to the sensations that I might percieve in the air, in case anything felt responsive to my intent to draw on her energy.

Is that the kind of advice you were looking for?

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Re: Gaia and Luna
By: / Beginner
Post # 4

Yes I see your point Asatru. And I also imagine that the solar aspect might actually be good for magic, too, depending on what it is for.

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