PCOS sufferer, need spell

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PCOS sufferer, need spell
Post # 1
Hi, so I am 28. When I was 18 I went to gypse and she did a bath beauty spell and I do remember the ingredients were related to my astrological sign of Leo. It was to help me lose weight. It totally worked, I was so beautiful that I actually had modeling agents wanting to hire me at one point.... but slowly the weight came back. I have tried and tried to diet, but due to my PCOS it just hasn't happened. I have even tried starvation. Nothing helps. If anyone could help I would appreciate it. As per the general common sense rules I will also consult a doctor about my weight. I recently read that doctors have found a link between PCOS and the body not absorbing B vitamins so Tuesday I was going to go to the doctor and ask about it anyways :) thank you!
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Re: PCOS sufferer, need spell
Post # 2
Hi there!

My sister also has PCOS and after long research I found out that a lack on Vitamin D is also a big link to PCOS. So I put her on pure, poison free Vitamin D. Don't know this will help but we will see, it won't damage the body so that's a good thing. Ask your doctor to test you on all vitamins. I will keep following this topic and hope somebody know a spell so I can help my sister.
I will also let you know how my sister is responding on the vitamin D.
Good luck At the doctor and keep me posted :)
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Re: PCOS sufferer, need spell
Post # 3
Funny enough I did find out last summer I am Vitamin D deficient but apparently the big vitamin is like not a true vitamin because your body is suppose to create it rather than getting it from food and that's vitamin B8. B8 they have found high quantities in PCOS sufferers' urine. This is because PCOS sufferers' bodies are creating it but not absorbing it. B8 is key in helping your fat cells to properly release. It also helps other problems such as hormonal levels, infertility, abnormal hair growth, etc. I read that 70% of those that take inositol (which is a powdered supplement for b8) regain normal menstrual cycle without the need of a pill like birth control. 30% became pregnant and resumed proper ovulation in around 3 months. Have your sister request to have b8 checked because like I said it is like a psudeo-vitamin and nutritionists ignore it because it isn't a vitamin from food, it is a vitamin your body creates! Btw you can get it from food, for some reason it is never listed in nutritional facts because it has always been seen as unnecessary. Cantaloupe has a lot of b8!
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