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Please help newbie money

Forums ► Other Spells Discussion ► Please help newbie money
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Please help newbie money
Post # 1
Hi all,

I really hope someone can help. It's a long post but want to tell you everything please read :)

I'll tell you a little about myself and the situation and change one or 2 minor details in case of prying eyes I know paranoid lol.

Im male 30's, had a really hard life hence the use of a few chants, i live in the uk but my family is from another country in Europe and they are quite superstitious, my mum always believed that through her father she may have had bad luck or "eyes on her and her siblings"

When I was around 14 we had a business and mediums who congregated opposite used to come in for tea. One day a medium gave me a reading she just said I have something to tell you and there was a group of us and I didn't even ask for it. Anyway she basically told me things which all of came true except for the amount of children but she got the gender correct, I.e name of my wife i know mad, she said i would have a really hard life but I would get there in the end, I remember saying at the time don't like the sound of that will I have money to which she replied you will never be without.

Ok so when I was around 23 and not in a relationship I did a love spell to bring me love, as the medium said I would find love then I would part only to find love again which is exactly as it happened.

I married and the really hard life continued without going into detail but the love for my family always stayed and my wife was a rock.

At around 30 and going through a hard time financially during a financial dispute I decided to do a money chant I still now where I can find the chant anyway things turned out well after a number of years and we finally felt stable in our finances. By the way I was always ignorant to magic and would never hurt anybody with it I was raised Catholic and always belived in Jesus/God and have always prayed I was always of the opinion do good and that white magic was good. I have never read the bible but have gone to church a numerous amount if times. I have done naughty things and bad things as we all have but nothing major and I have also tried to be primarily good.

Ok few years on still very hard life even though financially ok, I out of the blue decided to do the chant again and my wife did it too we did it a few times, I was worried that financially we were on the decline and really care for my children's security, it wasn't give me loads of money to buy a Ferrari thought more like let us get stable again, although a Ferrari would be nice lol.

Anyway maybe few months later for things started happening in the new rented house we were in. It was around Xmas time and the man 2 doors up went into hospital severely Ill I was told by my next door neighbour who asked if I was OK as he had also had a heart attack. To cut the long story short the man 2 doors up died, man opposite also died, Lady died opposite and the people next door have been very ill with cancer and other things. Now I know this sounds crazy and may be I'm looking into things too much as they are all in their 70's and we have now been there nearly 2 years but I'm noticing things like black birds, black cats magpies a lot more and again don't know if I'm being paranoid. Also the time this happened my wife had an accident and sprained her wrist badly with a fall.

Next thing it was winter time on my new car appearEd out of the blue a sign in the mist it was a circle within a circle with lines at certain points I've taken photos as I used my fingers to outline it I've tried searching but nothing comes up?.

Anyway finally I started to become unwell around 18 months ago, again cut long story short really really bad worse in my life I've had loads of blood tests and they are now looking for a rare disorder which may ironically include phlebotomy. I'm praying it comes back negative as Google is making me scared out of my wits. I'm yet to have the results.

My mother in law doesn't like me no matter what I do, after 8 years and doing everything for her she still accuses me of taken her little girl even though I've never stopped my wife having a relationship. Anyway she started giving me negativity when I became I'll by fuelling it saying things like people who she knows have died young, saying I'm looking tired little things to get my mind ticking and she loves it that I'm full of anxiety she has also said that she's a witch to the kids and other specific thinns which I can't say just in case she also said at one point the she wanted her daughter back and gave me a crazy look and honestly this is because I've tried my best to help them reunite.

Anyway she has been my best friend recently but I think it's an act.

My questions are this: can I please reverse or protect myself and family from this chant? My son also had an op which involved blood but this was on the cards since birth and prior to the money chant but my niece has also had nose bleeds.

2nd I belive my mother in law wants bad for me so that I can be out of the way for her to be the head of my family is there again anything I can do?

In almost honesty I have always been sceptical about these things and I think your mind can see what it wants to, but at this moment I'm so desperate and who knows this may all be real and it my turn everything around for me, I love my family with all my heart and just want to be myself and well as I'm not ready to be seriously ill or die as young as I am and would be devastated to know that it may harm my family.

Please help

BTW I believe this was the chant but it says it's good luck and wellbeing

To the moon
To the sun
To the skies
To the waters
Stars let your fire burn
Winds let your strength grow
Let us unite
Leon me shine bright

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Re: Please help newbie money
Post # 2

Reading your post, this is my advice:

Stay away from your mother-in-law. It seems she doesn't have the mature mental capacity to accept her daughter is an adult now. Move somewhere, if you can, to be safe.

For your troubles and fears on negativity. I always reccomend to burn some sage around your home to banish negativity and negative spirits. Line the salt on your doorways (including closets), and windowsills.

Good luck to you. If you have any questions, mail me.

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Re: Please help newbie money
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
As far as the medium goes, we are only human and we can only see one version of your future, and even then only snippets of it, the future is not set in stone. I think you are expecting what she said to come true so intently that you are manifesting it for yourself. Try and manifest something positive! What you think about and thank about you bring about.

As far as your fear about that chant having a negative effect on your life and possibly something to do with your current health problems, I think you are worried about nothing. Try and stay positive, the power of the mind can do amazing things for illness. You can always burn frankincense and sage in your house to cleanse the energy if it will make you feel safer.

You're mother in law just sounds like a nasty old bat that wouldn't have liked anyone her daughter married, just try and ignore her and stay away as much as possible.
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Re: Please help newbie money
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
This thread has been moved to Other Spells Discussion from General Info.
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Re: Please help newbie money
Post # 5

I cant see where this thread has been sent to.

I'm also getting emails from someone who says that they are a 3rd shamen and the chant should only be done once in 30 years otherwise death knocks on your door and to email them? Can someone clarify if this is true or are they after money?

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Re: Please help newbie money
By: / Novice
Post # 6

If anyone says that a spell will kill you, or that they can specifically help you if you email them, they they will more often than not, be a scammer.

They will either pass on your email to a third party, or claim that they can help you if you give them money, or buy the "ingredients".

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Re: Please help newbie money
Post # 7
Thanks for the reply, not nice when a person already is anxious and thinks they messed up to start saying you'll be visited by death is it.

Many thanks for warning me some this chant wont do that and it doesn't matter its been said a few times?

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Re: Please help newbie money
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 8

In regards to the chant, I would say (in my opini9on) that it isn't going to do anything good or bad because it's essentially a meaningless jumble of words. A chant should contain words that address the specific goal of the individual using it. So, for example, if you want a chant to bring you luck the chant should say something to that effect. The chant you have posted says nothing about luck or anything else. So you could chant it a million times and it won't bring the proper energy and focus to your goal.

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Re: Please help newbie money
Post # 9
Hi Lark,

Many thanks for your reply which in all honesty seems to make a lot of sense, hopefully that is the case as health is a million times more important than money that is a definite.

Thank you
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