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About Odin and Rindr

Forums ► Norse Paganism ► About Odin and Rindr
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About Odin and Rindr
Post # 1
To start, I know I might step on some toes by asking this and I am really sorry about that, but this questions been kind of troubling me for a couple of days now. So I've been working with Odin with three months now, and I really have started to trust him. I do research and read UPGs and some of Snorri's writings in balance, which has worked for me just fine. But I've had experienced with sexual assault, and do sometimes have trouble trusting people, so you can imagine how reading about the rape of Rindr so that she would have Vali might have, to put it lightly, brought me some discomfort. I've talked to others about it, but the most they have been able to do is give some lame excuses and weak attempts to justify Odin's actions. I really do like working with him, but it just hurts a little (?) because that's a bit of a raw spot for me. So, what I'm wondering is, how do you guys deal with this side lf the All-Father?
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Re: About Odin and Rindr
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Some of us only get his darker, less nice and shiny aspects.

If it were any other god, I would say "They make mistakes too!" but Odin doesn't really make mistakes; he makes choices that stave off Ragnorok, that ultimately bring justice, etc. Whether that makes it good, right, or even okay is up to you, Odin does not care so long as it continues his people.

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Re: About Odin and Rindr
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

I tend to agree with the viewpoint of the post above.

I do not work with Odin, though I have/do include Rindr in some of my workings and honor her. At first, I wasn't sure what to really think about Odin's actions in that situation. As someone who has experienced assault in a similar manner, it really gave me iffy feelings about him in general.

Personally, I found that it made it hard to work with Odin. He has taken several actions that I find less than honorable, yet it seems a lot of his actions get swept under the rug by the same groups of heathens who would point a finger at Loki and exclaim "But Baldr-!". How hypocritical!

None of the Gods are perfect: Odin especially. As someone I know once described him, " a very equal opportunity kind of guy". Long story short: you're not alone in your feelings towards the issue, though I have no real advice about it (as I have iffy feelings myself). If you are wanting to work with Odin, but feel that aspect of him or some of his action cause you to hesitate, it might be something you need to bring up or address either with yourself or directly with him to seek out some resolve.

I think this link has some expressive views about it:


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