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Patron Problems

Forums ► Wicca ► Patron Problems
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Patron Problems
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I've been considering this for a while, and now need a little more guidance from more experienced practitioners and/or peers here. I have been considering myself non-initiate Wiccan for a little while now, but I've begun to doubt if the God I've identified truly is the right patron for me. I have doubted this for a while, and have come to the conclusion that it may be best to finally accept that He may not be right for me. However, I've also been identifying him as The God, and fear that without a balance of female and male divinity in my practice I cannot truly consider myself Wiccan any longer. I don't know if I could even continue to refer to Him as The God (as he's the only God I could truly imagine filling that position in my practice currently) if I have chosen to finally accept that He is not my patron in my wider spirituality. I'm unsure with how to proceed with this, but I do plan to meditate and do some divination when I get the chance. What would you suggest, from your own experience? Thanks to any and all replies made :)

Bright Blessings,

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Re: Patron Problems
Post # 2

My advice to you is to follow your heart. If Wicca doesn't fit you, that is completely okay. There's no shame in switching paths.

I almost started honoring the egyptian deities once. But I felt a tug from one of my patrons pulling me back. Almost every time I've tried connecting to an outside pantheon other than the Norse, I always felt a tug pulling me back, or a block in the connection.

Meditate on what you want for your path. What do you want to learn? Which deities do you want to interact with? What kind of pantheon are you most interested? You can stick to one pantheon or go completely eclectic. It's all up to you!

Good luck!

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Re: Patron Problems
By: / Novice
Post # 3
you can still call yourself Wiccan, there are paths that focus on one energy over the other. i never felt as strong a bond with the Goddess as i did with the God until recently and i still called myself Wiccan. you could try calling to him in your circle, or set up your altar to have male symbols/tools on one half and female on the other to show the balance.

your patron is also different from the Lord and Lady [unless your patron was the horned god] so you can work with multiple gods. some are here for life, others for a short time to help you with a lesson. it doesn't mean they were any less important. just explain yourself, be sure to thank your God when you part ways for everything he has helped you with in life. then spend some time meditating and listen if he has anything to say.
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Re: Patron Problems
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

In my opinion, if one omits the masculine divinity to focus solely on the feminine then what you are doing is no longer Wicca. There's nothing wrong with that, and there are many people who do just that, but a different name other than Wicca would describe their path. Perhaps Witch, perhaps Goddess-worshiper would fit what you do better. But Wiccan core beliefs do involve both God and Goddess.

As Nekoshema pointed out, Wiccans honor the Goddess of the Moon and the Horned Lord. But our Patrons are something else again. Patrons are Gods and Goddesses who have chosen to have a special relationship with us and we with them. A Patron can be any Deity from any pantheon.

Sometimes we mistake a Tutelary Deity with a Patron. Tutelary Gods and Goddesses come into our lives to help us master a particular lesson we need to learn. Once we have done so they may remove themselves from close contact with us although they always have a special place in our hearts. Perhaps what you have been experiencing is a Tutelary Deity and the reason you now sense a distance from them is that the lesson they needed to teach you has been mastered.

There is an excellent book on working with Patron deities called " Devoted To You " by Judy Harrow that you might want to read whether you choose to continue to identify as Wiccan or not. I highly recommend it.

Please feel free to drop me an e-mail if you wish to talk further about your concerns.

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Re: Patron Problems
Post # 5
I believe in Angels and Archangels but personally, I do not believe in Him. You can be spiritual, but not follow any religion, or just partially. I am very spiritual but i follow Buddhism and Catholicism but it is only 2%. You can still do your practices, find another source of balance and pull energy from somewhere else. There is never one source of answers, open your mind to the possibilities, do not blind yourself.
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Re: Patron Problems
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
Thanks everyone, I've started to get my head around things and am beginning to figure it out. Out of curiosity, how do you view the God and Goddess? While I understand that most Wiccans honour them by name of deities that they personally honour as the Lord and Lady, I've also heard of people who simply work with them and invoke them as "The God" and "The Goddess". Although I know there aren't exactly any "rules" as such, I'm curious as to how individuals approach Wicca and Wiccan concepts such as these.
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