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Types of Meditation

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Types of Meditation
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Types of Meditation
Post # 1
I've never been very good t keeping focused at something, this includes meditation, I'm rubbish at it, it was suggested I learn to open my chakras, but I'm unsure on how to do that, I'd love for some advice on the topic of chakra opening and meditation. and possibly other basic techniques
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Re: Types of Meditation
Post # 2
While I can't help with chakras, I may be able to help you with meditation. :)

The technique that's worked for me is simply breathing. Breath in for 3 counts, hold for 2, breathe out for 3 counts. The only thing you pay attention to is the breathing. I find it easier to focus when I have something to 'do'. Start in small increments, then work up to 3, five then ten minutes :)

If you have issues with breathing, with your thoughts bouncing around like caffeine laced puppies in your head, I simply sit back for a few minutes and watch the thoughts bounce around. No acknowledging the thoughts, no thinking about them...just let them bounce around. It takes a little longer to focus, but it helps me a lot.

Good luck to you!
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Re: Types of Meditation
Post # 3
This is my perspective on chakras. And is also well explained on Avatar the Last Airbender:

Earth Chakra: Deals with survival and grounding yourself and is blocked by fear. It is located at the base of the spine. What are you afraid of? Those fears are the things that make you vulnerable. You need to learn how to overcome those fears. Sounds easy but it's hard to do.

Water Chakra: Deals with pleasure and is blocked by guilt. Located at the sacrum. What are you guilty of? You need to accept that those things you did that makes you guilty, has happened. Those thoughts are still clouding your judgement and poisoning your energy.

Fire Chakra: Deals with Willpower and is blocked by shame. Located at the stomach. What makes you feel ashamed? Or disappointed in yourself? In order to obtain balance in life and to open your thrid chakra, you need to accept that these feelings happen to everyone and it is inevitable. You must not let these feelings take you down.

Air Chakra: Deals with Love and is blocked by guilt. Located at the heart. What do you grief about? What is making you sad and depressed? Remember that love is a form of energy that surrounds everyone. You need to learn to let go of the pain.

Sound Chakra: Deals with truth and is blocked by lies. Located at the throat. This chakra is blocked because of the lies that we tell ourselves. Realize that you cannot lie about your own nature. You must accept who you truly are. Dont be someone who you are not.

Light Chakra: Deals with Insight and is blocked by Illusions. Located at the forehead. You must not let the illusions of the world blind you. And I mean, any types of illusions. One example is seperation of the world. We are thought to from different continents but really, the world started as one piece of land, but then slowly got separated.

Thoughts Chakra: Deals with Pure cosmic energy and is blocked by earthly attachments. Located at the crown of the head. Your earthly attachments are the things that blocks this chakra. You need to learn that the things you are attached to can hurt you. This does not mean that you cannot like it or use it. It just means that you are distant enough to not get hurt. Let's say your boyfriend. Dont be too attached to him. Otherwise if he ever breaks up with you, there will be a lot of pain.

Of course, this all just based on a kid's tv show. It is the basics of the chakras though. I did follow this knowledge with a little bit more of research to try to open my chakras. But really, you should do your own research too.
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Re: Types of Meditation
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
You don't have to work on chakras or "opening" something already open. After all, methods to "open" them does involve meditation and the chanting of mandalas and the snakes hatch from the root and intertwine their way up and through the spine and chakras meeting at the third eye/crown - which then blossoms and opens to the universe and higher awareness. And that's really far from what it takes to work with kundalini and cleanser the chakras. And they are far from required to do anything involving Energy. However when you start do incorporate chakras in your practice, blocked chakras can cause lots of problems with your energy work.

That for someone who has trouble meditating would not be the best option.

As the previous comment stated, if you just let the thoughts flow and not focus on them or linger on a thought it will help a lot. It takes a lot of practice to get a control on your thoughts to put a cork on them from hindering you from meditating. When you go to mediate you should focus on your breathing. Like use a breathing technique. Say breathe in 4 counts; breathe out 4 counts. Or breathe in 4 counts; hold 4 counts; breathe out 4 counts; hold 4 counts. Its ok to count this as you go so that you know when to do the next count. This also helps you stay mindful and focused on one thing so that you can be mindless of everything else. The breathing helps you to relax physically.

Honestly, it's all about what helps you and works for you. Like for me it's hard to sit down and meditate with anxiety and rls. So I've learned to do what I call a walking meditation. It's where I stay physically active with what I do during the day and work but maintain a meditative state mentally. It's good for keeping my cool (as I work retail and deal with lots of people every day) and keeping control of my thoughts since my mind races so much.
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Re: Types of Meditation
Post # 5
thanks so much for the enlightment so can you possibly know where you are when meditating because it required self submission i mean gettin a full concerntration
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Re: Types of Meditation
Post # 6
thanks its helpful information, as for chakras i dd an online test through www.eclecticenergies.com it said all my chakras were under active (i have the results on my profile).

i'll put the meditation tips to consideration for the next time i try meditating.
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Re: Types of Meditation
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 7
You can't trust online tests to tell you how active, under active, open, closed your chakras are. They are done by number generators. Each answer you question generates numbers for certain outcomes that reflect as the point control for the "chakras." Each answer depending on the question and answer chosen Will gain points for a certain chakra and can also dock away points from the ones not chosen. The questions base upon a personality check.

Say for example all of your chakras are under active by this test. Then you have to change your personality or what it is about you and how you are that makes you you to get a better outcome based upon the new you. Or you could just falsify your answers and learn the point system until you find the perfect set of answers to have all perfectly active chakras. (yes you can do it over and over to learn them to by that outcome.)

All in all, don't trust those. They cannot possibly tell you the state of your chakras.
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