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when you're chosen?

Forums ► Misc Topics ► when you're chosen?
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when you're chosen?
Post # 1
Hey, I saw a post about deities and stuff and someone said that you don't choose them they choose you. But the thing is, how do you know when they choose you?
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Re: when you're chosen?
Post # 2

You'll know, trust me on that one, because it can become inescapable and undeniable. They can make theirselves known to you in various ways, such as guiding you to certain things and then the next thing you know, you are following them. I think I myself have been following blindly for a while due to a clashing religion that my family wants to uphold, but this year I've finally realized what I really am in terms of that, and they can guide you in many different ways and the road usually ends with the deity itself, and learning about who they are.

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Re: when you're chosen?
Post # 3
quite often yit is a feeling.
I would recommend meditation. Not hummmmmmmmmm deeeeep thought medidation, but just taking five minutes to sit quietly, ponder on your god or goddess and if you feel something, it may be the time. Here is an example that happened to me;

I was sitting down listening to a tribute to hekate, a moon/witchcraft goddess of greek times, when I got this image of a field.
I saw a woman with flowing re hair to her mid back wearing a silvery dress and the most stunning silver eyes.
Through the song my mind travelled with the woman as she showed me several things, hades, the pit of tartaros opening, a fight between her and a giant.
At the end of the vision she spoke to me, she had showed me a few hekate things which, I admit I felt little connection for.
It was then that the goddess revealed her true form, that of lady artemis. It is extremely rare and it's not been easy but yeah, artemis chose me.

The moral is reflect on a god you are unsure about, i.e you feel a pull towards artemis but are not sure. Reflect on artemis, what she is like how she acts and how she might have influenced your life. Then if you feel something, a confirming warmth, a burst of energy, a burst of knowledge or just that thing you needed, chances are they have chosen you.

You can however still work for a god or goddess with out being chosen by them. While this might be slightly religious and some people may not agree, it is my belief that you can do one off rituals to a god or goddess and ask for there help in exchange for a suitable sacrifice.
So... yeh. rofl hope this helps
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Re: when you're chosen?
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Well there are ways to narrow things down if you're looking, but just be open and mindful of the world around you. It's hard to explain but it's an 'aha' moment when you find the deity, and many have described it as a warm feeling when they accept you. It can be very random too, after 2-3 days of daily prayer, offering and meditation trying to connect with my Goddess I was just relaxing after lunch letting my mind wander and suddenly I feel incredibly joyful. The world seemed brighter and all I could think about was her. That night when I meditated I saw her, and there's always been this feeling of her listening when I'm talking to her. It's hard to explain to people who haven't experienced it, just be patient and open and you will connect with a deity one day.

If you did want to look for a deity to work with, you can. Sometimes deities are with us for a little while, with us for life, we seek them out, or they come to use one day and say 'we're working together now.' Should you seek one out, start by knowing yourself. While working with a god of the underworld might sound cool, what other reasons are there to work with this deity? Your gods are personal, you shouldn't choose your friends because they're popular or cool, you probably won't have much in common and form a shallow relationship. What are your interests, hobbies, genealogy, strengths, weaknesses. You can narrow down your key traits then you can try researching deities with similar traits.

Also, don't be so desperate to find and dedicate to a deity. Again, some might only be here for the moment to teach you a lesson or help you through a rough patch. Get to know them before deciding [think of it like marriage, would you marry someone you knew for two weeks?] Just go slow. It took me 10 years to find my matron Goddess, I've worked with her for less than a year at this point, I'm going to wait until the one year mark before I dedicate. You could wait more or less depending on you, but don't grab onto a deity because that's what everyone else does. Good luck to you on your path.
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Re: when you're chosen?
Post # 5
I totally agree with the above post.
Also a side note be careful if you do hang around people who worship the gods as they can influence yours or the gods actions i.e my auric bound is loyal to Apollo [ironic? me, the guy loyal to artemis, her the girl loyal to Apollo] anyway, I can tell if I've upset my auric bound [rare] because the sun is not warm to me, it blinds me and can almost be painful in my mind.b
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Re: when you're chosen?
Post # 6
As GrayGhost have answered, you will surely feel it. Signs will come alone the way. They may seem as coincidences but they won't be, keep your eyes open.
You may feel a powerful connection to that God/ddess and start to think them all the time, wonder about them etc. Different symptoms for each ones but you will surely feel it.

For example... I remember I have heard of a God.. I searched him on internet, and by the time I saw his pics I got Extremely Excited... I was jumping from hapinnes and excitment (and by just one pic). Although the internet showed this God as male body and female face..I thought he was famale, with man's body. I have realized that this God was male, but with feminine power in him...

Later, I found out about his wife... I start to lose this connection with Him, and I have understood He wasn't my God... His wife is my Goddess. From the time I was seing Her pics I remember I got the same excitment in double. I was reading Her on internet, Her history what Her pics mean and such. I was getting Extremely Super proud of Her and Super excited.

I was listening and singing Her mantras, I got so shuderred as you can't imagine, I saw some videos on Youtube about Her, and I got this kind of shuddering and more, for about 30 seconds or more, while the seen that made me shadder was about 3 seconds. Connection is growing and growing, and after all this I have understood She is my Goddess.

That's how they do..feel them inside your heart and feel what your heart says. Although my story has most likely relationships with past lives too.....it was just an example to understand.
Also, don't try to force it. Never try to force things because this make them coming never. Don't force yourselr and try deffinetely now to find a Deity. When the right time comes, then all are going to happen.

I hope you best of luck to your magical adventure!
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Re: when you're chosen?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 7
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from General Info.
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Re: when you're chosen?
Post # 8
I would like to figure this out myself. I feel so lost in life. I am hoping that maybe if i knew what mine was then i wouldn't be so lost.
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