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wiccan differences.

Forums ► Wicca ► wiccan differences.
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wiccan differences.
Post # 1
I've been researching the traditions in Wicca, I was wondering what's the difference,s in Correllian Wicca, it says its originates from a family tradition, some don't seem to keen on it though !! Just wondering what anyone's views are on it, I joined Witch school too, as it has a range of courses... that look really educational, anyone taking the first degree courses there ? Any views appreciated :) .
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Re: wiccan differences.
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

The Correllians do not have a great reputation within the Wiccan community at large. The following article, written by a good friend of mine hits some of the problems that many Wiccans have with the Correllians.

Theres a place; Witch School, thats supposed to teach witchcraft. I assume it teaches eccletic/New Age Wicca. It gets a majority of its funds from Ebay of all places. It was founded by Rev. Ed Hubbard (think Ron Hubbard for a minute here.) The have about 200,000 members, showing the popularity of Neopaganism.

I find it hard to take it seriously for several reasons. One being this "Harry Potter (Books and Movies) Review From Wiccan's Point of View". Harry Potter should never be mentioned. I do not think this site is good for the pagan community, nor for Wicca. I think it misrepresents Wicca.

"Ten Reasons Why I'm Not Woo-Woo for WitchSchool
by Juliaki

Recently, WitchSchool has received a lot of media coverage as they officially open their business headquarters to the masses. Many people have asked me if I am happy for this, and are surprised when I say I am not. Here are ten reasons why I do not agree with WitchSchool.

1. I am not Harry Potter. Many of the press releases for WitchSchool equate it to Hogwarts. My spiritual path is based on reality, not on fantasy. I do not study potions or fly on a broomstick, so I do not want to be equated with fictional characters that do.

2. No quality control for members or clergy. WitchSchool prides itself on its willingness to train anyone to become a member of their clergy. This means that you have the good, the bad, and the ugly representing your faith. I believe this is a path of service to the divine where not everyone is called to become "insta-clergy" by merely passing multiple-choice tests.

3. "A school funded by eBay and dollar stores." The main source of income for WitchSchool comes through eBay auctions and "Mini Spells"--candles with words to say while the candle is lit. This kind of gimmicky tourist-trap witchcraft runs contrary to the beauty of the spiritual aspects that my path seeks to embrace.

4. I do not want to change your way of life. When WitchSchool purchased an abandoned warehouse in the middle of nowhere (Hoopeston, IL, pop. 6,000) for their headquarters/compound, they received a lot of protests from the town folk. Since WitchSchool moved in, they have opened numerous businesses on Main Street and have even expressed hopes of turning Hoopeston into a "Pagan tourist destination." I believe in being neighborly to those around me, and as I do not want individuals to change my way of life, I believe in "live and let live". A Pagan tourist trap runs contrary to that belief.

5. This is witchcraft, not Amway. Recent press releases have suggested the need for recruitment drives--a desire to have 10,000 teachers of WitchSchool by 2008. My spiritual path does not condone proselytization or any form of recruitment techniques.

6. No "pay-for-pray" clergy. Although WitchSchool offers a few sampler courses for free, a majority of their training requires up-front membership payment to achieve spiritual training. My spiritual path does not condone conferring status based on credit card validation.

7. My spiritual path is not "off-the-rack." To achieve a priest/ess status in WitchSchool, an individual simply has to pass multiple-choice exams and fill out a few slips of paperwork. Although the training does say that you can "tack on" any other religion or spiritual path into your practices, a majority of the Correllian "members" that I have met offer a limited cookie-cutter form of knowledge, catering to the lowest common denominator. My spiritual path embraces the uniqueness that each individual brings in service to the divine and the idea that you should work to be the best you can be, not just a clone of everyone else.

8. Would you trust a driver with a mail-order license? Just as driving a car is a skill that needs hands-on training and instruction, so it is true of many Pagan spiritual paths. Hands-on skills and interpersonal experiences are key to the focus of this spiritual path. These are skills that cannot be taught merely by reading directions on a computer screen.

9. I embrace merits, not merit badges. One of the easiest ways to differentiate a Correllian/WitchSchool individual from any other tradition is by their costumes covered with numerous "merit badge" symbols. My spiritual path does not require external validation by symbols of rank.

10. Ed Hubbard. With the publication of the Witch Wars Defense Manual and many press releases that suggest an apocalyptic viewpoint of a "Christian theocratic" future, Ed Hubbard (CEO of WitchSchool) promotes a face of intolerance toward Christianity and a desire to prepare for a war--even as other individuals work towards interfaith dialogue and understanding. In many ways, Hubbard exemplifies the extremist views that he claims to be fighting against."

*This essay is PUBLIC DOMAIN and may be reprinted in its entirety without written permission by the author.

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Re: wiccan differences.
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

I'm going to add a couple of other points here.

Witchschool was founded by Ed and Don Hubbard. This decision was made after reviewing the success of L. Ron Hubbard who founded the Church of Scientology. It isn't an old family "tradition", it was formed in 2001 when they saw the money that could be made by "selling" a religion. I actually know someone who was present when the decision to create Correllian Wicca was made and the reasons why.

The Correllian Church and Witchschool separated around 2008 when the Church tried to sell the school on e-bay for profit and then found out it would violate non-profit rules and open them up to huge tax burdens. Truly, they tried to sell Witchschool on e-bay for $15,000!

In addition, Ed Hubbard issued a document to all Correllian members called " WitchWars ". In it Ed encouraged Correllians and students to go out and get initiated into British Traditional Wiccan covens, obtain their oath-bound material, and then bring it back for the Correllians to use.

At the World Parliament of Religions, Hubbard announced that British Traditional Wicca (the original Wicca founded by Gerald Gardner) was not really Wicca at all, but that what was being taught at WitchSchool was the only genuine Wicca.

I ask you...is this the way an ethical group behaves?

Now, I will add here in all fairness that I have met several graduates of WitchSchool who were caring and competent Wiccans and with whom I would happily stand in circle. But I have met far more "graduates" and "initiates" of that Tradition who hadn't even learned the basics of Wiccan practice. Their track record on competency is very, very spotty.

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Re: wiccan differences.
Post # 4
Thanks very much Lark, this is great, just want I wanted to read, some points are some of the things that I had concerns in, especially point 7, I do personally think to a degree, that Wicca should be expressed in a personal and creative manner, I have been stuck in the feeling of " do I need help from an online Wicca school like witch school for a so called degree status?" I think I have come further towards Wicca of my own accord and teaching myself, I'm currently looking at Buckland's complete book of witchcraft for more structure on what I trying to learn. Thanks very much for your reply :) it helps a lot !! Blessings.
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Re: wiccan differences.
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

Truly I believe you can learn just as much from books as you can from WitchSchool.

While I don't teach on-line, I am more than willing to try to answer any specific questions that you might have over the course of your reading and studying. So don't hesitate to ask questions in the Wicca Forum or drop me an e-mail at any time.

A few books that I'd highly recommend for you are:

"Wicca" by Thea Sabin

"Wicca: A Year and a Day" by Timothy Roderick

"The Elements of Ritual" by Deborah Lipp

"Witchcraft Today" and "The Meaning of Witchcraft" by Gerald Gardner

"50 Years of Wicca" by Fred Lamond

"The Heart of Wicca" by Ellen Cannon Reed

The Witch's Bible" by Janet and Stewart Farrar

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Re: wiccan differences.
By: / Novice
Post # 6

I have studies all three degrees in the Correllian tradition. In my opinion, it is not really Wicca but a collection of beliefs. Parts of it may have been passed down through the Correll family, but Don Lewis added much to it by his own admission. Much of what they teach is not regarded as factual information, and some is downright silly. The magic practices they teach are a good basic program, but there is nothing in the three degree plan that is really advanced or beyond the overview level. It does have some good points to it for providing a foundation, but the Correllian mythology that comes along with it should, in my opinion, be taken with a grain of salt. There are many who say that it is not really Wicca, and I would agree with that assessment.

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Re: wiccan differences.
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 7
There are many "religions" that make money from fools. And you know what Barnum once remarked, "There's one born every minute."
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Re: wiccan differences.
Post # 8
Thanks very much Lark, and I will do that :) I also have the witches bible too, and would love to get the others you have mentioned !! thanks again...its very much appreciated . Blessings.
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Re: wiccan differences.
Post # 9
Thanks very much for all your replies ,I believe money should not be gained from learning any kind of religion, glad to have such well pointed views from others, its very helpful to me someone who really wants to learn about true Wicca but not just only Wicca but all traditional craftwork and traditions :) brightest blessings.
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