The creation

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The creation
Post # 1
Though I naturally have an interest in the creation doctrines of sumer (Emuna elish to be more specific), I thought I'd share my own views on creation. Unlike science I think the earth does not have a age: it was not created at any point in time. The individuals residing here have always been around. No species were created at any point. Therefore there are no gods and about 'heaven', 'hell' or any other paradise, there is only one universe and it is composed of all known space.

Re: The creation
Post # 2
My apologies but I think your ideas are frankly...ludicrious and that is putting it mildly.

Your so called concepts on the creation of Earth invalidiates plenty of work proven by Science.

Re: The creation
Post # 3
All i have to say is. Humans are the key to creation of our planet

Re: The creation
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
Humans creating planet Earth? It this a joke? Did you never go to school? Absolute rubbish!

Re: The creation
Post # 5
MrCritic I hate it again to have to be the one to point out some facts regarding your ignorance. Maybe possibly convince you that your comment to the above post is irrelevant and surprisingly expressed with a remarkable amount of conceit (usually the type of conceit associated with individuals suffering from a condition known as paranoia). In my original post there is nothing at all that can be scientifically disproved by any means. All scientific writings relating to the 'origin' of the earth or the species found on the planet is still theory and I can state with confidence that it shall remain theory throughout time.

Re: The creation
Post # 6
You people are hard to talk to you dont understand nothing

Re: The creation
Post # 7
Me? Ignorant and Conceited? What? Are you for real? I just found your ideas on the creation of earth absurd! It pretty much goes against every Scientific Theory and Hypothesis on this topic!

Also, nothing in Science ever progresses further than the status of theory. Look up what does a Scientific Theory mean! Those are repeatedly tested and comfirmed through countlesss observations and much experimentation.

Your suggestion that "Earth does not have an age" and having always existed conflicts with most observations and hypothesises thus far.

And you addressing the Origin of the species found on this planet schetick you have going on in your latest posting seemed to imply that all theories on it are baseless and are mere common theories Well , most aren't. Many has obtained the status of a Scientific Theory.

Would you next tell me that the earth is flat and it being spherical in nature is false? I sure hope not!

Re: The creation
By: / Novice
Post # 8
Creation stories are an obsession of Mine
Everything from the book of Enoch, The Sumar tablets
The Greek, Roman and Norse Mythology
Even the Creation story in the Simon Necro tale
I dont know what the truth is, but i love all Religious and mythology based stories.

Re: The creation
By: / Novice
Post # 9

"Humans are key to the creation of our planet" I have to agree with Brysing, that is absolute rubbish.

I also wanted to note that views of creation differ greatly by the different belief systems of people, many or the majority don't correspond with what science has proven which is the reason they are deemed to be mythology.

Re: The creation
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 10
Humans are curious creatures; we want to "know". But we cannot know everything. In fact we cannot really "know" very much!
So we have to look at what evidence there is. Learn from the knowledge of others. Modern science is discovering, and learning, something new every day. We now have telescopes far in advance of the telescope invented by Newton. Electronic telescopes that can "see" far into outer space. We have telescopes actually in space! We have "probed" other planets. There is a Space Station/Laboratory in space that passes my window twice a day.
In modern day living we can only know what others tell us.And the best people to "know" are not the Spiritualists,the Magi,the witches. They are the Scientists and the Scholars.
In times gone by, if you were ill, you would consult a witch.
Modern medical science can do things that the old witches could only dream of! (I am a witch, but I would not try a hip re-placement!) It is still "witchcraft"; but it is "scientific" witchcraft!
Some people will believe anything! Some people will believe nothing!
My witch teacher told me this many years ago:-
"Don't believe everything you read. Don't believe everything you hear. And only believe half of what you see!"
I have lived by that maxim all my life.
Sir Isaac Newton said it perfectly:-
"Everything I know is likened to a pebble on a beach. What I do not know is the restof the beach!"

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