Goetic demon

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Goetic demon
Post # 1
Hi, i am new here.

I found many demon's goetic seal from internet,i am interseted in summoning demon i know many of them are dangerous and evil.but i want to know these entities.The important thing is ,i don't know how to summon it ,how to use these goetic seal ,I'd appreciate it if you have any suggestion .
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Re: Goetic demon
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Well if you read the lesser key of solomon aka "The Goetia" the laborious method is given quite detailed, I personally recommend Steven Skinner's version, and if that is unavailable, Poke Runyon's.

Evocation/summoning requires a firm foundation of the essential magical skills, if you have no trained your inner senses such as clairvoyance and clairaudience evocation would be an utterly pointless endeavour.

The basics are:

-General Invocation
-Specific Invocation of nature of the spirit's force.
-Call of the spirit.
-All of this done whilst in trance.
-There must be a medium in which the spirit can manifest, this is either incense smoke or a scrying tool such as a black mirror.
-Spirit is threatened (if one uses the literal goetia, which I despise) and commanded to appear if not there already, but someone with no psychic ability will not perceive it anyway.
-Spirit is given a task/questioned/charged seal.
-License to depart.
-Things packed away, anything charged is hermetically sealed.
-Area is once again banished.
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Re: Goetic demon
Post # 3

I would also suggest to NOT use, as I first did. I was told it was not at all reliable.

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Re: Goetic demon
Post # 4
Many texts about summoning are free on net. But there is problem. "Christian" magick books are mostly about hell demons and it is very dangerous. Better - by my opinion - are eatsern texts or ancient Egyptian, Greece and simlar... So try for example Papyri magici graeci and so on.
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Re: Goetic demon
Post # 5
Some texts may instruct you to threaten the demon (Punish them, burn their seal, etc). To work through the summoning and banishing process. Please be wary of this information. For there are many ways to summon, and respect is key to working with any spirit.
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Re: Goetic demon
Post # 6
The way my friend did it. He summoned something, may not be a demon but still evil and terrifing
First, draw a pentagram
Second, refer to it as your lollipop or ice cream
Third, write the name of your demons target on the lollipop
Fourth, think of the demon and chant random words. The words developed into phrases on their own. It just comes to you as long as you imagine the demon and what you want it to do
Fifth: say the name you want the demon to respond to
Sixth, burn the paper and keep the ashes in a pouch.
He named it eggfish and sent it to me and one of my friends. After cooking fish, one started to bleed. The blood spelled the word egg. Fish drawings appeared in sand and dirt. After the third night after the spell, me and my friend went to the ER. He had an allergic reaction and I had a random panic attack. The drawing stopped afterwords but things never returned fully to normal. I can always feel something near me when I meditate. It feels like it is trying to harm me but can't. It seems stuck where it is like it is trying but can't

Ps. I don't know if all steps are needed. I just said what he did in case the lollipop was actually important
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Re: Goetic demon
Post # 7
Hi luf385,
To be frank,the Goetia is quite prop heavy and lengthy, keep in mind before you summon demons, do your research, i suggest you look at your reason for summoning in the first place. If you have a specific task be sure that you cleanse your space, purify yourself, draw the seal on parchment, have knowledge about the demon you wish to communecwith and be able to banish effetively. There are particular summoning prayers which include the corresponding constraining angel. Treat the demon with respect, be fair and firm and you must keep your end of the deal, as the demon will require something in return. If you fool around with demons they may fool around with you, treat it as a business deal. You keep your word.
You nay want to start out with a friendly demon who is renowned fir honesty and assisting like Bune. Some demins are known for giving honest answers and some are known to be deceptive. You always need to prepare your ritual and end it with the correct dismissals.
All the best
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