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Fluff Spells

Forums ► Comments ► Fluff Spells
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Fluff Spells
Post # 1
I know that fluff spells bring traffic to the site, and som entertainment benefits from it, but shouldn't some of them be ridded of? And it's not just fluff spells. (depending on your definition of fluff) There are totally idiotic spells on here that could endanger people's lives everywhere, you just have to look. Instead of reporting spells to moderators, can't there be a flag button so people can review those certain spells? It would certainly make a difference to the site. (I'm new to this by the way)

Re: Fluff Spells
Post # 2
Seems like a very good idea to me.

Re: Fluff Spells
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Its a good idea and a bad idea.

We already have problems with these stupid fantasy spells.(no idea why we have them really) But its a bad idea because yes although some spells may have negative energies, if casted correctly they can be safe.

Re: Fluff Spells
Post # 4
Those kinds of spells I am perfectly fine with, there are others that are fluff and could intentionally harm you. (There are people stupid enough to try them, trust me)

Re: Fluff Spells
By: / Novice
Post # 5

Some yes. I have seen ones calling for poisionous herbs to be made into potions, and ones calling for materials that could pretty much only be obtained by breaking the law.

Re: Fluff Spells
Post # 6

No members can delete spells on the site, not even moderators. As an editor on my other account, I can't even go in on spells and edit them. This topic has been overly discussed, many times, and stated that no one can delete the spells but the admin himself. Which he won't, really, because these spells bring members to the site, which leads to more attention.

Re: Fluff Spells
Post # 7
Aye but its the fantasy spells that bring the wrong sort of attention. It gives a false image out and its us that suffur. Having to explain why the fantasy spells dont work over and over again. The rules need to be stricter when it comes to signing up.

Re: Fluff Spells
Post # 8
I agree they need to go it really gives a wrong impression about real Magick

Re: Fluff Spells
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 9

This topic comes up again and again on this site and the answer is always the same.

The Site Owner has determined that these spells will remain on this site just because it does bring traffic here and that earns revenue for the site which supports its presence on the internet. It is up to those who know about real magic to help teach about real magic to those who are interested.

Re-hasing this issue isn't likely to change anything.

Re: Fluff Spells
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 10
I completely disagree: they should all remain. If they draw in the curious, then all the better. Some will stay, read, study, and learn better.

My only concerns with the spells section is that some are mislabeled, the suggested supposedly related spells which are listed in the sidebar are not labeled, and the spells' pages themselves do not show their own categories. If that were improved, the largest concerns I have for that section would be mitigated. As it stands, someone could find a long-practiced circle-casting ritual, then notice a pony summoning spell listed on thw side. They may well believe that, since it is linked with a legitimate (seeming) spell, that it must also be true.

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