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Name: Artemis25
Birthday: Jan 8 1998
Location: UK
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 17 Feb 2016
Membership: Contributor

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Hello and merry meet,
I am Artemis also known as wicca24. I created this profile so I can take over an coven.
I am a friendly person but as all people I have my limits. Please note I do not want any mail concerning vampire's, werewolves or something completely unreal. Any mail like that will be ignored completely.
When mailing me it must contain a subject. If not then that too will be ignored
My path is an unsettled one. I'm still looking for the right path as I cant settle down to one at the moment to a permanent path.
Warning: This pagan does not like strangers randomly asking to be friends. If you want to be added as a friend then I must meet you in chatter first.