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Name: TheTone
Birthday: Jul 7 1992
Location: Gatlinburg, TN
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Just doing my part, helping out around here. "Life's for the living, or you're better off dead." -Passenger ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My Practices: White Magic Meditation Herbalism Divination (Runes, etc.) Candle Magick ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here are my messaging rules: 1.I will not cast spells for anyone. 2.Feel free to ask questions. 3.No fluff, please. I advise you leave me alone. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hobbies: DND Hiking Off-road racing (dirt bike) Life Paintball ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Well, I met an old man Dying on a train. No more destination, No more pain. He said: "One thing before I graduate Never let your fear decide your fate." "Kill your heroes" AWOLNATION ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ More about me/personal beliefs People who say that "They hate life, and want to die" makes me laugh. I was born into a Christian based family that owned over seventy acres of tobacco. Those fields are where I spent my childhood, and still work in them today. If it rains and we're halfway through an eight acre field, there is no way in hell we are stopping. Once, I even got bitten by a snake while we were one person short. Guess what? We didn't stop. Stop complaining how bad your life is and think how bad someone else's life was/is and realize you have an amazing life, just treat it like the best thing that ever happened to you, it only happens once. -Tone