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Revenge spell to use on E

Forums ► Spell Suggestions ► Revenge spell to use on E
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Revenge spell to use on E
Post # 1
Hello everyone newbie here . I am looking for a revenge spell on my ex why...We were involved for a lil over three years, I have severe trust issues due to things that have happened in my past and I made him aware of this, overtime I felt myself beginning to trust him and I made him aware of it and I told him that it scares me and he convinced me I could trust him and I did only for him to turnaround and cheat on me. This was in Sept of 2014, I broke up with him and he went out his way to beg me to forgive him and give him another chance which like an idiot I did this was in January 2015. Overtime I started feeling like I was being cheated on and asked him so many times is he cheating on me, is he involved with other women, giving them his time, etc. tried to get him too open up and be honest with me and he continually denied it for the entire year. Well recently I found out I was in fact being cheated on by him with the same person and instead of him apologizing he says nothing like he did nothing wrong to me, I asked him what have I done so wrong to him that he would beg me to forgive him, only to hurt me again when he could've just left me alone and he said nothing. And I want to get him back; bcuz of this I feel I won't date again I'm tired of guys thinking it's ok to cheat on me, play me, and lie to me. And ppl are telling me I should just start using guys and not care about their feelings but I'm not that type of person I can't just intentionally hurt ppl and be selfish for my own selfish gain. And I know all about "it's easier to forgive" and let karma come to them yada, yada, yada; but here's the thing karma takes too long, and I'm tired of just simply forgiving people that haven't asked for my forgiveness, people that show no remorse for hurting me. I've been forgiving people for as long as I can remember I forgave my father for not being in my life, forgave the ppl that bullied me growing up, forgave the guys that molested me (different men, different times) forgave my exes for doing me wrong, family members that did me wrong. I'm just tired of simply forgiving and letting ppl get away with hurting me. While they're out living their lives happy go lucky, good jobs, relationships, friends, I'm left with the emotional scars, with the questions of "why?" Having deeper trust issues. And I just for once want revenge.
Sooo can someone tell me a revenge spell that'll definitely work please. I don't feel like I'm angry inside or hate him I'm just fed up and want revenge. And I don't want any bodily harm to happen to anyone, nor do I want anything like death to come upon him or his loved ones. What I would like to happen is 3 things if possible and realistic (1) that I'm a constant thought in his mind he can't contact me as I blocked him on everything and told him to never contact me again in anyway. But I want him to constantly think of me and the hurt he caused me, I want it to torture him (2) for him to not only lose this girl (they're in a relationship) the same way we broke up by her lying to him, playing him, and cheating on him but that an intense loathing for each other develope between them. And lastly I want him to lose his job the reason for this is because when we met he wasn't where he's at, in fact I use to sleep on the floor with him, because he couldn't afford a bed, I use to pick him up and bring him to and from work, cook for him etc. But the moment he got a little more money he does me wrong with no remorse. So for what he did to me I want him to lose it all; the girl, the job, everything...And if possible I would like this spell to last until he is truly remorseful and shows true remorse for what he did to me and apologizes to me with sincerity.
Also before I forget my ex believes in negative and postive energies spirits, he burns sage and walks around with it throughout his place, and wears a bracelet and chain I don't remember the names of them but both of them have the pentagram symbol with a flower behind it, and the bracelet has crushed gold in it. He told me they were both to keep negative spirits or energies from him. So will doing a spell on him work or is he protected?
Thank you.
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Re: Revenge spell to use on E
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Wow, well first if he does regular cleansings and wears protection charms, I'm guessing he can sense energy so he would be able to get rid of a curse. You could still try but you would have to bind it well. Even then no spell comes with a 100% guarantee. You could look into a few general curses [you know how to cast a spell right?] Or you could simply direct your negative energy/emotions his way. However, if he knows about magick, he could try sending it back your way, so be sure to cleanse and protect yourself.

On forgiveness, forgiveness isn't easier, it is wiser to forgive. I also doubt you've truly forgiven everyone you listed. To forgive someone it's a little selfish because you're releasing the emotions and gaining energy you once used to dwell on the pain. Maybe it's not so bad years later, but if you still feel raw you probably still hold some resentment. Nothing really wrong, but if you've let go and forgiven you should be able to wish them well. I know this can be an almost impossible feat for some and I'm not trying to tell you what to do but it's better for yourself to forgive. The other person may never know, they may not even care, but you will be rewarded by forgiving them. But, like I said, not telling you what to do, do what you feel is best.
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Re: Revenge spell to use on E
Post # 3
Actually I have forgiven the people I mentioned, a lot of what happened to me happened years ago so I've forgiven and let it to. But with my ex I told him my history and the trust issues I had and he chose to still wrong me after telling me I can trust him. And I've never did a spell on anyone never thought to do so, and I know my ex doesn't think I would even consider putting a spell or curse on him or anyone because I am generally and genuinely a forgiving person and as I said before I forgave and let people get away with hurting me even though they never asked for my forgiveness or showed any real remorse for hurting me. And I'm just tired of doing that.
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Re: Revenge spell to use on E
Post # 4
I understand this is painfull for you, but what if a spell was casted that does everything you said it would? Do you really think he'll come back and apologieses? I don't think he would. If I read it right, he doesn't sound like someone that would do that. It's best to let it go and continue your own life, not the life you had with your ex.
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Re: Revenge spell to use on E
Post # 5
Hi there - wow you have been through a very painful experience. I am fairly new at this myself and am not familiar with revenge spells. May I suggest trying one of the healing spells for you? A healing spell may provide a highly positive effect for you spiritually.
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Re: Revenge spell to use on E
Post # 6
Honestly, revenge spells can be dangerous, especially if to are a beginner. No spells or curses are guaranteed to work. Also, he may be protected, but then again maybe not. Do not cast a revenge spell on him if you don't have a lot of experience. Blessed Be, nyctophilia.
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