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Name: nyctophilia.
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I am a 14 year old student and a beginner Wicca Practioner making my way to an Adept Wiccan. For a period of time I was struggling to choose between Wicca or Christianity. My family was Christian, besides the exception of my grandmother, but my heart was truly with Wicca. Obviously, I chose Wicca. I enjoy dancing, reading, writing, singing, acting, crocheting, knitting, sewing, racing, horseback riding, smiling, dressage, photography, and of course; Wicca. Do not send me questions like, "Can you cast a spell for me so I can go back in time and undo something?" No, I can not. And don't ask me to cast spells for you. Also, I will say this once: You Can Not Turn Into A Mythical Creature Such As A Mermaid Or Vampire.


I am a beginner to Wicca, but I know multiple things. My knowledge on Wicca includes:





The Religion





Relaxation Techniques


Although I know a few things about Wicca and that have to do with Wicca, there are a few things I would like to learn, such as:

?????????????????????????The Basics

The Basics of Wicca

The Advances of Wicca

Certain Wiccan Practices


Energy Manipulation?????????????????????????

Blessed Be