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Has this happened to you?

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Has this happened to you?
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Has this happened to you?
Post # 1
Do you believe that people might actually have gifts, like I dunno, psychic gifts? I don't think I have a gift, I might do, but I wouldn't know how to channel it. Or does the Universe foretell that I might be an important aspect in the future and that's why these things are happening to me. Have you seen the movie the exorcist? Well, the girl, Regan, had a healing gift, that's why the demon came after her. Now, I don't know if there's a demon after me, but I feel a dark presence all the time, I wake up at 3am, scratches on my back, I have the urge to kill myself, I'm scared. What's wrong with me?
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Re: Has this happened to you?
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Honesty, sound like you have been watching too many movies. A lot of the "dark" stuff you've experienced can be explained away. High emf levels from an alarm clock or sleeping near a cell phone can cause the feeling of paranoia. Scratches can be self caused during sleep. It isn't hard to accidentally do so during a nightmare or if you have an itch while asleep. And being a teen comes with a bunch of hormones which can cause depression and feelings of wanting to just die. Any adult can tell you that being a teen can suck like that. Its perfectly normal. However, if it gets too bad, seek help. Talk to your parents.

That all said, I'm not saying you don't have gifts and it is possible there is a spirit watching you (though unlikely it is harmful). A lot of people have special gifts like being psychic with the aid of a pendulum or tarot deck, talented with energy healing or able to even see the occasional ghost/spirit. These gifts are likely to show up in the teen years due to heightened hormone levels and a lot even disappear after the teen years when the levels balance out. So if you think you have a skill, read up on the topic in books. There are a lot out there that might help you learn all about it and improve it.
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Re: Has this happened to you?
Post # 3
I'm just spooking myself out, I was just thinking about it like what if people do have gifts and there's just something that wants to destroy it, you know? I just think it was bizarre that my mother said I was in some trance in the kitchen, picking up a knife and whenever I tried to sleep, I would hear voices as if someone's screaming or breathing in my ear. I seem like I'm doing much better now, but these feelings, I feel won't go away.
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Re: Has this happened to you?
Post # 4
In a matter of speaking, yes, they do, but it just means some people are more in tune with their gifts than others, anyone can pull of divination or communicating with spirits, some more than others, but it mostly depend on how strongly the subject calls you.

As for being someone special, the same idea applies, anyone can be important, just apply yourself to what you are good at and try to be the best.
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