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Spell Casters: Best Coven
Post # 1

10 Reasons why Spell Casters is the Best Coven on SoM (in my opinion)

  1. Anyone can join no matter your beliefs or history with other members on the site. One could argue this coven attracts diverse membership better than many others. Doesn't matter what crazy stuff you have on your profile, or what you've said to people on this site, all are welcome!
  2. New members are admitted immediately . Other covens take days if not weeks to respond to applications due to voting on applications, leader absenteeism, and other inefficient bureaucracy. Spell Casters has none of these problems.
  3. No application black out dates . Some covens periodically disable applications for extended periods, frustrating those who may be interested in joining. Spell casters is always accessible.
  4. No coven politics. Don't have good people skills? No problem. You don't have to impress anyone or kiss other members' behinds in this group since there is one rank for everyone. This makes Spell Casters a great place to be yourself.
  5. Everyone is admitted to council. In other covens, well behaved members can wait for months and months and not be admitted to council. Their systems for selecting council members are often less than transparent or fair.
  6. Nobody gets kicked out. In other covens, saying the wrong thing to the wrong person or stepping on someone's toes in some way can get you booted from the coven. Not in Spell Casters
  7. All members can post spells. After joining Spell Casters, you get a tab in the spells section to + Add Spell, which is one of this sites coolest features denied to regular members of other covens.
  8. All members can post articles. Same as spells, but for posting articles in the articles section. Regular members in other covens cannot do this.
  9. No questionaires for Spell Casters. Some covens require prospective members to fill out a questionaire for their application. They often ask about years practicing and your spiritual path, but maybe some would rather not say. Also some ask what other accounts the person had, which is a problem if they had a history with other members that would best be forgotten.
  10. Participation is optional . That's right, no obligations, come and go at your leisure. Post as much or little as you like, take a vacation away from SoM and you're not accountable to anyone.

Of course, Spell Casters isn't without it's faults. No coven is perfect. However, this is an excellent feature of the site and an good option for newbies who may not be a good fit for other more exclusive groups.

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Re: Spell Casters: Best Coven
Post # 2
I hope you don't mind, but I have some counter arguments:

1: Is it a good thing anyone can join? It's true coven councils shouldn't base their choises on someones race or religion, but if someone claims he/she is secretly a shapeshifting butterfly, I understand why most covens wouldn't him/her in their coven.

2: I think the reason why it takes so long to respond, is because they need to make sure no roleplayers join their serious coven.

3: If a coven isn't seeking new members, it makes sense that they aren't accepting applecations.

4: Some people are more skilled in witchcraft then others. That's why there are ranks in covens. It's that it might be better if everyone is ranked even, but there would still need to be a leader to keep peace.

5: It's true that some Priest(ess) choose unfair, but that's probably a personal thing.

6: If someone is being immature or isn't following the rules, he/she should be kicked out of the coven.

7: Not everyone should be allowed to post spells, because 99% of the time they don't work.

8: I agree mostly with you, yet someone could post false information.

9: The reason covens ask those questions, is because they want to know who is joining.

10: I agree completely.
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