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About God

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About God
Post # 1
I believe That Jesus is one of the strongest [highest] Beings to actually walk on this Earth ,and i also believe that We cant ever Summon Jesus [occult means] .....because it would seem as Disrespect and it is.

but i was wondering if is there anyway to talk to his Father God or The Holy Spirit not by prayer but by other ways?

Thank You

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Re: About God
By: / Novice
Post # 2
When my family converted from Catholicism to some form of Pentecostal Christianity, just being around the culture of a different sort of people began to open it up.

For example, in Catholicism, it's generally agreed that the Age of Miracles is over until the second coming or apocalypse. Among Pentecostal Christians and Charismatics, it was just a matter of opening up to the signs and messages that Father God, the Holy Spirit, and even Jesus have to impart once you have Jesus in your heart. It can start off as prayer, but when your whole life becomes a prayer then it becomes easy to hone an intuition for what God wants you to do every step of the way.

So, you can talk to them normally and wait for a reply. That reply could be signs or emotional compulsions or thoughts that come to you that don't feel like they're yours. Those thoughts become what people call "voices" and there you go.

As I mentioned, though, it depends on the tradition. Very few Catholics I've met would accept the method that I described above. It was a great culture shock to me when I was young, I can tell you!

I think some Mormon sects or Adventists maybe believe that Jesus is the human form of the archangel Michael. And many Western Ceremonial mages call upon Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, and Auriel to sanctify the space (in a ritual known as the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. There are similar related rituals that aren't so much with "lesser" or "banishing" but "greater" and "invoking" but the LBRP is what's recommended for beginners.)

So, you could go through the motions of the LBRP and try asking Michael if he was Jesus, but Western Ceremonial is so stodgy (no offense to any WCMs on this forum) that you might be directed to do the Rite of Abramelin first. That ritual is supposed to get you in touch with your Holy Guardian Angel, and being an Angel that being would then be able to be the intermediary of whatever you want to say to God or what God wants to say to you. It's a very complicated ritual, though.

Simple prayers just seem to be the most cost-effective option.
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Re: About God
Post # 3
I am so glad you asked. Yahweh (Father God) and Shekinah (Holy Spirit) are the deities that I work with. I recognize and respect the other deities in their aspects, but don't often work with them.

As for Jesus, the Holy Bible explains that he was part of Yahweh made flesh and sent to the Earth to act as the final sacrifice for atonement. Jesus' purpose was to die so that his blood may replace the lamb's blood on the Hebrew day of atonement. In short, Yahweh sacrificed part of himself so he could allow people into the afterlife he created. Anyone who does not accept his afterlife is subject to the rules of entrance for whatever afterlife they strive towards.

I commune with Yahweh and Shekinah through prayer, meditation, ritual, Kabbalic Tarot, runes that I made with Hebrew letters, and many other divination techniques that I have adapted into my faith and practice. I hope this information helps. If you have any further questions, feel free to mail me.
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Re: About God
By: / Novice
Post # 4
While I do not work with these deities, I don't feel you can summon any deity because it's demanding and disrespectful. You could try lighting a white candle, putting out some offerings and asking if the deity in question would be present in your sacred space. After calling/praying to the deity you should meditate or sit quietly and listen. You might not see them, but you might hear or feel their presence. It doesn't always work [or sometimes you won't feel them because you're new to everything] but if you keep an altar dedicated to them, leave offerings and pray regularly, they should visit when you invite them.
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Re: About God
By: / Novice
Post # 5
Invocation and evocation/summoning are terms largely associated with and pertaining to the Western Mystery Tradition in which Jesus, YHVH, Adonai etc. are all called upon to assist in workings.

A very short background: Beings considered higher than you are petitioned and called in, their presence is called upon to aid you in the work of their own Will, and to be within your being energetically so to speak, so that you in a sense become 'an agent of God', or God himself in a manner of speaking.

The only beings evoked/summoned are the beings lower than you in the spiritual hierarchy one is using, in most medieval derive magic this is demons and spirits made up of elements lacking the spiritual faculty of humans.

One are called to assist, the others are told by the authority of those called to assist.
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Re: About God
By: / Novice
Post # 6
Just a correction, I meant you can't summon a deity, not can. They're powerful and its disrespectful, so if a summoning were to work I think it's because the deity wanted to give you a slap for being so insulting.
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