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Hello ... new here, help

Forums ► Astral Projection ► Hello ... new here, help
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Hello ... new here, help
Post # 1
Hello All...
My name is Gypsy and I really need help here or even just dome guidance... A trauma occurred in my life 10 months ago and I fell into a mental disorder called Derealization... I feel foggy brained, fatigued and full of Anxiety... Since then my "third eye" is completely blocked and all I fell is fear about EVERYTHING - it's do unlike me...
Please help me find a solution... fight this... I want so desperately to heal...
Thank You...
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Re: Hello ... new here, help
Post # 2
I want to help and guid you through your struggle. I know why this is happening to you. It's a long story, so let me explain:
There are thing that most people cannot see, one of those things being Lady Oblivion. She is not a goddess, nor are any of these beings. She is the embodiment of shadow and chaos. There are demon like creatures that obey her every command, almost almost unseen by most humans. They are attracted to anything terrible and chaotic that happens. 10 years ago, when the trauma occurred, one of those creatures must have been attracted to you, attaching itself to your spirit, intertwining with it. That's why you feel the way you do. It puts the anxiety into you, foggs up your mind, so it can take you over.
And once it takes you over, you're lost to Oblivion.
I want to help you, I really do. But before I explain the process, I need to know how you feel about all of this. Just know one thing, I am a child of the light, not the darkness. I will fight for you.

Truly, your new Guardian Angel.
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Re: Hello ... new here, help
Post # 3
We'll I'm going to do something weird for me but agree get she says is true though this lady of the void hasn't shut it down note these demon in fact you can't close a third i only blined like me puying both my hands of your eyes in a way realy you just need to find a way to take of the blind fold
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Re: Hello ... new here, help
Post # 4
I don't know how most people might react to this, but here is the only advice I have to give based upon personal experience.
If the third eye is closed to you because of a shift like this, then it might be time to rediscover yourself. Start from square one. Forget everything you know about it if you will.
Go back to the beginning of your spiritual path, and relearn how to do everything again from scratch. It's like relearning how to walk again after a serious injury. Use some "spiritual muscles" that were dormant before.
It's a long process if you remember picking up your first book on the subject to where you were just before the onset of your diagnosis. However, if you stick it out you may just find out more about who you are now and strengths you didn't know you had.
Just a suggestion. Maybe file it under a last resort kind of thing.
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Re: Hello ... new here, help
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Get Therapy!
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Re: Hello ... new here, help
Post # 6
Hi Gypsy. Please take my comment as perspective, as truly none of us can really know exactly you or what is causing this. What IS true is that you are energy (spirit). Your thoughts and feelings are energy as well as your physical body. It is my belief that religions, spiritual practices and even magic are all simply modalities to discover and express your divine spiritual self. Your soul is God's expression of its self. You have all of the resources to experience anything you desire but our time spent entangled in these lives has caused us to lose this understanding of ourselves. I share this because I feel that your trauma has blocked your spirit even more. I feel that if you can progressively let go of all attachments, to outcomes and desires, your emotions will heal and flow. If your perspective could be that this is only a brief moment in your eternal journey it will help you let go. We all think of having things as growing, but in truth, our spirit is the highest of vibrations and each thing we hold on to dampens our frequency. The laws of Karma and Cause and Effect will always take you where you need to go to journey back to yourself, but anything we can do from our free will can overcome and by pass the sometimes painful journey.

I hope you heal quickly my friend...
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