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There is no "right" way to do magick or ritual. There is no one way that it all works. Everybody learns spirituality different and no one should judge you for what you believe in or how you do things as long as you keep yourself educated on the things you believe in. No one should tell you that your way of doing things are wrong, that is just as bad as someone saying their religion is better than yours. Anyone can offer you advice to help you expand your knowledge, but it is up to you to decide if it works for your interests. It may work best doing things a certain way for them, but that doesn't necessarily mean it will work the best for you. Grow into your own. Be yourself and flourish. __________________________________________________________________ I'm not sure what exactly I am looking for here, as I am not sure I fit the bill for a specific label currently used to define magick users. I have no religious background other than I was raised in a Protestant home, but never gave in to the idea. My distant ancestry is Irish Gypsy, but I know next to nothing of how my family changed its ways over the last couple hundred years. Growing up, I was always aware of a flow of energy in the world, but could not understand it until my teens when I began to figure things out. Empathic by nature, but learned to turn it off occasionally. Too overwhelming for me at times. There is no difference to me regarding white or black magic. Neither can exist without the other, and with out each other they have no power. Everything I learned about magick and casting I learned from my Familiar, then through experimentation. I am however, looking to expand my knowledge and broaden my horizons. Swordsmanship is like meditation for me. When I go out to the back yard and swing a blade around, it feels like my energies align. The swinging slowly becomes like dancing, the dancing starts to feel more like I am floating and my mind becomes clearer to the point that visions of friends/family/home and hearth come to me. It's like a song that is just beyond hearing.