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Dreams of Medieval Woman

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Dreams of Medieval Woman
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Dreams of Medieval Woman
Post # 1
Almost every night for the past 4 months, I have dreamt of a woman I have never seen before. I managed to work out that the only times I haven't dreamt about her are when I have had less than four hours of sleep. If I have longer, I seem to dream about the woman, then awake in the middle of the night and have further dreams.

The weirdest factor is that that I live through her daily life... in the Medieval era. After doing some research I've concluded it must be around the late 1200's or early 1300's, however she seems to be involved with some sort of Druidic religion. Sometimes the dreams can be as simple as her waking up and doing nothing important until she sleeps. The dream starts with her waking and ends with her going to sleep. It's almost as though I am living two lives.

I started to record the dreams, and noticed some patterns. When it is a full moon in my life, it is also a full moon in hers. Although there are some very distinguishable qualities, our energies feel the same.

I was wondering if anybody had some form of explanation or could help at all? If it'd happened to you would I be able to ask some questions? I have had the idea proposed that it could be a past life, but others have disputed this as it's usually only a one off (in their words). Basically anything would be great.

Thanks in advance :)
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Re: Dreams of Medieval Woman
Post # 2
In my belief system, recurring dreams are generally a sign that you need to be paying attention to what is occurring in them. Generally, if the dreams appear to form more of a story, and seem to follow a set tangent, they are a recollection of an occurrence, usually from a past life.

Your theory of it potentially being a past life may not be far off, and I would do some soul searching to see what about the dreams resonates with you more deeply than anything else. Usually, the most important details "hide in plain sight", so I wouldn't discredit anything.

Even if it isn't necessarily a past life, the dream itself may be your subconscious trying to tell you something. so when you journal, look for characteristics, objects, or settings that pop up repeatedly. After a few days of having this dream, take your list of items and search the meanings. Now, it should be noted that if the dream is set in a specific time or place, perhaps try and find the meaning of the symbolism for that time/ place, as it may be different than what we generally think now. That should help you to understand more! :)

Hope that helps!
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Re: Dreams of Medieval Woman
Post # 3
Don't know if I could be of any help. I have also had dreams of a medieval woman. But I know she is me. I remember rolling green hills and a single grey stone tower. There was also a man riding on a black horse. I have dreamed of this woman (me) several times and I talked to a professional and he concluded that what I was seeing was indeed a past life. Ever heard any particular names in these dreams of yours?
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Re: Dreams of Medieval Woman
Post # 4
How interesting! In my dreams there is also a tower, but it is part of a larger building, all grey stone.I'm afraid I can't give any names, I definitely hear them but I can't ever recall them when I am awake. It's almost like a mental block, but I'm working on it. I can describe appearances though.

There is also a man on a horse in my dreams, however it is white. The man appears around 25, he has dirty blond hair, dark blue eyes and is tanned as though he is always outdoors. Despite looking 25, he has boyish features.

The woman in my dreams has dark brown hair, almost black. She is very pale and very beautiful, and has very green eyes. She often wears shades of green.

Curiously, I once had a dream in a very similar environment (years before) with a woman who looked very similar but with golden blonde hair. Have you ever had anything like this?

P.S. Thank you for your response, I'm so grateful to have gained some understanding.
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