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intent of love spells

Forums ► Site Spells Discussion ► intent of love spells
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intent of love spells
Post # 1
i am very new to this spell casting stuff. their is a woman in my life that wants to be my best friend, and i love her dearly. she loves me very much as well, but not in a romantic way. i have watched her get her heart broken time after time, and seen her date married men, because she was in love, but they broke her heart. I have been in love with her for over 5 years, and would never want to hurt her. my intent is to cast a love spell so she can see that we are meant together. also my torut cards or whatever said bad luck is on its way so that was uneasy lol. I would appreciate some advice, by an experienced caster.
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Re: intent of love spells
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Ok, yea, there are a lot of types of spells you can cast for love.

A lot of people will tell you not to because theyll talk about imposing on someone's free will.

Im not one of those people.
Our "free will" is a relative thing. Advertisers know how to manipulate free will all the time...thats why you went to burger king instead of mcdonalds...or why you pulled a straight republican ticket or....etc etc...(If people want to debate...fine...go ahead...you win...i lose...no biggie...lets not hijack the thread)

But i can tell you this, casting love spells is tricky. At best. If youre "new to this spell casting stuff" then you ought to get a basic understanding of how and why spells work and what kind of path you want to follow. So thats like "me" work to do before the "us" work. theres alot of articles and posts about it...do research...and SoM is a great start point.

It sounds like you have a really good and positive intent and that youre not out to dominate or control or just to use this woman for sex.

So if youve been like this for 5 years, then you can be patient enough to give yourself some time to learn about what kind of work you want to do.

Ok, so lets say youve figured all that out and you still want to cast...no problem. Just be aware that once that energy is released and you have casted...with perfect confidence in what youre doing...it is not gonna turn out exactly...or maybe even close to what you imagined in your mind. But yea, it works and it can work well.

But do the "me" work first. Look into and try to understand why youre in her "friend zone" and she doesnt want you guys to go to the next level. You want to love her and care for her and stuff, but for some reason she likes to be in destructive relationships...so guess what? She has "me" work to do as well.

As her friend, maybe you can influence her to do that?

You have a really good intent i feel and i bet a really good heart. People who are "meant to be together" have to come to a kind of understanding of themselves. I dont believe that there is like a "fate" or destiny" for that and being proactive about it...to me seems like a more positive way to grow (overall) then the kind of platitude that is like: "Oh IF its meant to be...then it will..."...I am "meant" to be financially secure...but that just doesnt have because of fate (for most people anyways...) you have to be proactive and work at it. And so that means its not gonna be easy.

Anyways, Lostprince, I hope it works out for you. The world needs more love and if you are prepared to give, give give...which is what love really is (i think anyway) then i think you ought to go for it.

But whatever you do...please, please, please...do not give anyone money to cast for you, they are ripping you off.

good luck!

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Re: intent of love spells
Post # 3
thank you thor. my intent is pure, and i will continue to do more research. If after i have done my research i still want to do it I'll make sure I only cast the spell if its the only way to make sure she finds true love. thank you again Thor for the advice.
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Re: intent of love spells
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Not a problem. I genuinely would be happy to see it work out for you.

Getting out of someone's "friend zone" is a really hard thing to do. And i imagine theres some pain there for you. There are more "mundane" ways of going about it...but i know that magick is incredibly effective if youve got the basics down and have complete confidence in the work youre doing.

For whatever its worth...one way to look at magick is that put odds to be in your favor. It is not (in my experience) a "switch" that works like turning on a light...

So for example the odds of me marrying say Caludia Schiffer (yea...im that old haha) are like 1,000,000 to 1 (probably a lot more...haha) but through magick i could say make those odds... 1,000,000 to say 50...significant change in the odds (right? X50) but not significant enough to tip the balance in my favor of that manifesting.

But what's weird about it is that maybe my next GF would be named Claudia...or have the last name "Shipper" or some kind of odd thing where the energy DID do something...

If that makes any sense...? Im not so good at explaining things sometimes....So make sure you assess where your "odds" are for this kind of work.

Another way to go about doing it is, as you suggested, changing her perspective a bit to see you in a different light. Or breaking it down into parts even...doing a spell to see her own destructive behaviors and how it hurts her...and then a spell to heal her...then maybe something to help her consciousness change so that she sees her own value better...then something to see YOUR value better....(her respecting and appreciating your VALUE is very important, i believe)

You see what i mean?

Anyways, LostPrince, i dont respond to most threads like this, but there was something like a gut feeling i got that pressed me to respond. So I hope whatever ive said is helpful...and at least is helpful to you to continue looking at magick and how it can effect really positive wonderful things in your life and those around you.

I mean that!

Good luck, and dont hesitate to ask more questions and most of all enjoy your journey into magick.

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Re: intent of love spells
By: / Novice
Post # 5

If your intentions are pure, as you say they are, then you would not be trying to do magic to make her love you. You would be doing magic to help her find the love that is right for her, that will treat her right and be good for her. If that is supposed to be you, then it will be. But if you are trying to force her to be with you because you think you are right for her then you are acting from your own ego and not her best interest. Perhaps you should do magic to attract love to yourself as well.

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Re: intent of love spells
By: / Novice
Post # 6
Please do not contact anyone who is offering to cast spells to you, they are not real and will take your money.
The poster above has been posting this "Doctor Power" email on every post he can find. It is not a good idea, please do not message them.
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Re: intent of love spells
Post # 7
the thing is though she dont want to be with me, but she dont want me with anyone else, or not to be in her life. its a relationship that is to weird to describe online, and my intentions are pure, and if she knew i casted a spell on her im sure she would not even care, because she cares about me too much. i even believe at some point i was cursed, and maybe thats why our relationship is twisted. when she was yonger she was inlove with me, but i was a stupid young teenage boy, and didnt love her. through the years we cant let eachother go, but i feel as if i have been cursed for my evil in the past, or maybe its karma.
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Re: intent of love spells
By: / Novice
Post # 8

Lostprince, that is her choice. If you do care about her you will respect her choice. Be there for her and maybe things will change.

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