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Questions about accident?

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Questions about accident?
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Questions about accident?
Post # 1
Okay, firstly this is a semi-unusual yet usual thing that has happened to me more than once.

So today i was supposed to go with my mom for a dinner. We finally left after errands and i was fine until we hit a certain street.

I started getting this weird feeling like something would go wrong. I kept shaking it off, but i kept looking behind me.

Finally ten minutes into it, we got stuck in a huge traffic jam on a main road. Suddenly out of no where, just as we move up, i have this bad feeling and 'boom' we get hit by a car from the back. There was no damage exept a few black marks...but still. I couldn't understand why i knew something bad would happen.

A few other times, i felt like one time me and a friend shouldn't go somewhere. Sure enough, we called it off and on the news we saw there was an accident at the very area of the time we were gonna meet.

Another time was when i was on the phone and i kept feeling like i should get off, but i didn't and later got in trouble and yelled at not just after the feeling.

Question is, i knew it always happened. Of and on, but now it's like everytime i have a feeling and stuff happens!

Any guidance?
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Re: Questions about accident?
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
That is exactly what happens with me, I know something bad is going to happen with me or someone I know beforehand. Maybe it is the sixth sense? Well I don't know.
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Re: Questions about accident?
Post # 3
Woo premonitions are fun. Here is the question though, are they real? Well one could just fluff me of and say yea but lets delve into a rarely brought up world of sensory and psychology.

For the start I am going to approach this as someone who doesn't believe or get premonitions which I do but more on that later.

Lets look at your accident specifically. You got a bad feeling about it before hand however your brain may have been picking up on things that you didn't notice. Our brains are freakishly amazing. The faint sound of an engine revving behind you or out of the corner your eye your subconscious mind caught someone approaching in the rear-view mirror. That sort of thing. Not premonitions but rather your mind being what it is, awesome.
Now for your accident-in-the-area thing. Well accidents happen everyday and it could just be coincidence. To back this statement up I will point out a recent study done in New York out of 1400 people, 700 worked nights and %51 got into a car accident. 700 worked days and 29% got into an accident. That is over 450 car accidents, they literally happen all the time.

Now for someone who believes in premonitions.
Mine work in signs of 3. This doesn't mean yours does but if I get 3 signs I stop and review the situation and if I can put it off to a later date I do not hesitate to do so. For instance: I was headed out and got a call right as I got to the door- minor sign. Next I was headed to the van and tripped on the dog's chain (we need to mow) medium sign. Van won't start, well that's a freaking major sign for me. So I go and do a quick divination, cards crystal that sort of thing. If nothing comes up and I don't have any bad feelings and it is something that NEEDS to be done, then I go and do it anyways. Not every time is something bad going to happen and rarely does it but... Well better safe than sorry. I have plenty of crap to do at home, like mowing. Haha. Good luck.
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Re: Questions about accident?
By: / Novice
Post # 4

It is entirely possible that you could be sencing the pending accident, especially if it was an emotionally strong event for you or scared you greatly. That being said, you have to understand that the mind takes in millions of bits of information every second, much more than we are consciously aware of. It is just as likely that the subconscious mind became aware of the high probability of an accident. Since feelings originate in the subconscious, that could be its way of warning you. Either way, it is a wise thing to learn to listen to those feelings.

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