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Newbin' it

Forums ► Introduce Yourself ► Newbin' it
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Newbin' it
Post # 1
Hello all!
My name's Sharayah

Who I am - I know my name, what I generally look like to other people and know of a few passions that I follow in life which are art, anything earthing, and love.

I've always been one to want to go against the 'grain' of society. I'm not into the build a debt, get married with kids, build more debt, work every single day, and die routine. Nothing against you if you're into it, but not for me. I live in a 26.5 ft RV and travel from place to place because I get restless if I stay in one place too long - generally less than a year.

But to generally answer who I am for all of you is something I cannot do, because I haven't found 'me' yet. I've ran into a wall of sorts lately. I find that everyone else's path I was on towards finding 'me' was just sending me in circles.

I wouldn't say I'm christian, but I'm a firm believer in the great creator. I just refuse to believe many things that have been shoved down my throat growing up in the 7th Day Church. Why would they say loving and fighting for the Earth is evil? Why would they say that trying to find your 'own' inner light is a sin? God placed my inner light there for a reason, and I plan on finding it.

Why have I found myself on this site? I feel something inside of me that I feel needs brought out, but I'm not sure what it is. I feel some sort of 'power', I guess you could call it. A sort of light that wants to penetrate through. I've always seemed to have a very bright effect on peoples lives that I come in to, so says them. Anyways, I hope that this site, the forums, and the beautiful people on it can help me maybe find a stone or two down the right path to finding who I am inside and what I can emit.

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Re: Newbin' it
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Hello, and welcome to the site. Seems you are in search mode. Good for you! Are you looking for spiritual or magickal answers? Or both maybe? There is a lot of info here on many aspects and paths. Using the search bar will help. If you want a start in magick, there are 2 forums I recommend. In the General Info section, read Starting Out and Basics Expanded. And come to chat with us. I'm looking forward to chatting with you. Blessed be...
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Re: Newbin' it
Post # 3
Thank you for the kind welcome :)
I am indeed in search mode, you have me there. I'd have to say I would definitely take answers from both sides, but for starting I believe to unlock anything magickal I have to unlock what I must spiritually first. I will be reading up on both though as my journey progresses. Thank you for your insight
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