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Help for me

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Help for me
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Help for me
Post # 1
I have some points that create some kind of confusion for me, so needed some help.
I am Inderdeep Singh from India and i have an urge to drink blood and eat raw meat. Other than these i sometimes can see dead people and have quite a sense for any kind of danger that can fall upon me. The magical chants that i have in my mind when done produce drastic effects on people and land. I have over 265,765 chants that i remember.
For the blood and meat thing, let me make myself clear i have tried every doctor, every type of medicine. I am perfectly normal human in every kind but still have this thirst and the ravage feeling of feeding.
For the ghost, i have been around a lot of deaths and sometimes i feel like the dead have clinched onto me for ride.
For the magic chants, I don't know how i know these chants but some of these chants belong to the book of serpents, book of ancient.

Please i need some clarity on this matter. I have been on many sites in search of answer but everywhere there is nothing. Please let me know if someone knows something.

Re: Help for me
Post # 2
Well you should drink blood and raw meat if your implying you could be a vampire that would be false because its not possible maybe you might feel that you want to have this problem so you can be declared one and know "magical chants" could be deja vu

Re: Help for me
By: / Novice
Post # 3

If you are implying that you are some type of werewolf or vampire, I must say that you are sadly mistaken since they do not exist and you are not one of them. I would recommend instead of looking for spiritual answers, to find help with a mental therapist as this is a psychiatric problem rather than a spiritual or phyiscal one. As for the chants, I doubt with any chant, you can cause drastic effects on people or the enviorment. You have a very vivid imagination.

Re: Help for me
By: / Novice
Post # 4
I do wish people would stop implying that he believes he is a vampire. If he has not found help from normal medicine then maybe magic could help him find an answer, but that is not implying he believes he is a vampire.

I would say that maybe a form of therapy may help, but I am afraid that is all the help I can offer.

Re: Help for me
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

The cravings for blood and/or raw meat could be symptoms of anemia or low blood counts. I would start by seeing a physician to make certain there is nothing medically wrong that is creating these urges.

Re: Help for me
By: / Novice
Post # 6
I agree with Lark. Ever heard of kids eating dirt? It's been discovered that they are lacking in one or more minerals in their diet. Make sure the doctors are doing the right tests.

Re: Help for me
Post # 7
You shooöuld see a doctor bro. As for all that other stuff, I'm calling bull on that.

Re: Help for me
Post # 8
I consulted physician for the deficiency thing. My all reports are normal. I even consulted a psychiatrist and he even gave me a clean bill of health. And as per the vampire thing goes, i believe in magic and supernatural beings and that said, a part of me do want to be vampire but the urge to kill everyone around me and kill myself is not me. I don't even like to fight.
I tried keeping myself busy so that my mind would not get a chance to think, but it didn't work. I tried medicine like multivitamins and energy ones but that didn't work. I tried homeopathy, accu-pressure, these didn't work too. In homeopathy my symptoms got worse and at one time i tried to hurt others.

Re: Help for me
By: / Novice
Post # 9
did you talk to the psychiatrist about these urges? i doubt any psychiatrist would give you a 'clean bill of health' if you told them you desire to consume raw flesh and blood and you see dead people. your past haunts you and you have some deep psychosis or iron deficiency. either way i would seek out another therapist. i would also try deep meditation and journalling. while i believe in spirits, i also believe if you've been around death so much it could be past trauma/heartbreak that is haunting you by way of visions. the blood thing, don't know, check with a doctor is about it. remember you are human, not a vampire, they are not real.

Re: Help for me
Post # 10
I don't believe that i am a vampire. And as for the clean bill of health, i am practical with my past and everything. I admit my mistakes where they were. The Psychiatrists told me that if they leave out the blood, meat and ghost thing, than i am perfectly fine. They couldn't understand what was wrong with me. And as for the deficiency, My HB is always 14 and my RBC and WBC are always normal never above or below the limit.

Sorry not to be rude but if i wanted the answer to be one with doctors and psychiatrist then i would have never came here. I told in the original post that i have been to all doctors and everything. Tried everything. Meditation used to keep me in control till 2014 but as soon as the 2015 arrived my control is on the verge of breaking. I have been with this for over 14 years now and have kept it under control.

I do not have knowledge in this matter as much as you all must be having and that is the reason i am here. I believe you that vampires and werewolves are fiction and i am not here to contradict you. I am looking for some answers that can help me.

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