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Name: wise_eyes
Birthday: Oct 29 2000
Location: Canada!
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Hey! I'm Mallory, and I am a pagan. I sound like I'm at an AA meeting haha. No for real, I am pagan and I love practicing magick. I guess you could say I'm pretty experienced with performing and casting magick. I really love it, all forms. Black magick, white magick. It's all equal in my eyes. Don't be a stranger!
I am most Familiar with energy concentrating and harnessing, and the creation of spells. I do not cast spells, not do I accept role playing. If you ask me to help you with a fairy spell or a vampire spell I will block you immedieatly. I also do not accept anything other than friendly conversation and questions regarding the craft. Anything other than that will be deemed as spam. Please do not stray from my wishes, as I will not respond to you if you do.
My body is young, but my soul is old. My eyes have seen beyond their years and therefore I am more knowledgeable than someone my age would be. Don't let my face deceive you, for I am older than you maay suspect.