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Lesser & Greater Paths
By: / Beginner
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Hullo all.

The terms 'Lesser' and 'Greater' Path have been utilized to mean different things over time. In this case, they are being used to differentiate states of being, please, for the purpose of this topic, suspend any applications you may already know of relating to the terms.

In this instance the 'Lesser Path' represents our Humanity within the domain of time and the governance of our physical reality. Conversely, the 'Greater Path' represents an external perspective, that of the universe itself.

Consider, if you will, the three key forms of meditation.

There is the core, essential practice of removing everything from your mind in order to transcend one's own humanity and enter into etherial, and other such states, this is common for centering, grounding and spellworking.

There is Reflective meditation, wherein one distracts their physical body with redundant tasks so their mind may rome elsewhere. For example, filling a bucked with holes in it over and over, or repeating a phrase in one's mind.

Finally, there is Meditative Inversion, where one embraces this reality and humanity instead of seeking to transcend it, via bolstering the human senses of empowement, reveling in the storm of things that make one feel whole. Dancing in a storm, embracing the power of vibrational hymns, and the like.

The first two are used to often enter a trance that boarders the greater path, by abandoning humanity, but also all else. The third embraces humanity so wholly that workings relating to other states are limited at best, and is rather used to center one on the 'Lesser Path'

For one to enter the Greater Path and bind themselves to it long enough to become aware, they must employ both practices. First one must draw on empowerment, however they can feel closest to their soul, often via inversion. Then, one must strip away their humanity, time must be abandoned as it would be in meditation, emotions must be stripped away, and all earthly bonds must be obliterated.

Before one enters the void-like dreamstate required by the Greater Path, they must remove everything about them that binds them to this world. However, unlike basic trances, we will keep the sole element of inversion-what empowered your soul. Focus on that energy, your essence alone. Instead of wielding that focus inward to reflect, expell it.

Think of your soul as your shadow, the energy and essence that makes you sense, not you the person, but you the being, the raw material of humanity. You must transcend worldly bonds. Then, fling that essence into the cosmos. Abandon our reality entirely as if projecting, but keep that level of awareness.

Your soul id fragile. Easy to become enraptured in the cosmos of the Greater Path. You must allow it to become taken and be consumed by the greater truths. Our Human aspects would contest this, fight to remain individual, this is why they are shed. Only your mind may wonder now, your energy and your spirit.

Let them wonder, do not attempt to guide them, for then you exit this path. Like a vision, or a spiritual journey, you must allow yourself to be taken. Not into the AP, not into an earthly trance, but into the world itself.

See. See the world evolve, see Humanity, it's nature, it's truths. Now go further, into the universe, think about the reality that governs our life. Further, into the realms of the living and dead, experience and revel in the essences of power itself, not in beings and thoughts of your own.

Your conscious comes to this place not to think, not to analyse, that part has been abandoned. Your consciousness comes here to see. To listen. To observe in silence. Here the universe, the adjacent realms and realities, and the worlds beyond our knowledge, those of our myths and legends, those of the gods we worship and beings we so passionately hold close to our hearts. Watch.

On the greater path one only listens. Listen to a heart beat, see the fragility of our world, the chaos and order of others. To be of the Greater Path is to trancend humanity and become a fly on the wall of the cosmos belonging to your soul.

It's a difficult journey, harder yet to return and refocus your senses, but it is an important one to make. Beyond time, our world, our understandings. To completely enter that void. To become bound to magic itself and not just an item or essence it presents itself as.

Time passess around you. This journey may take an hour, or it may take longer than a day. But it is an important one to take in order to understand our place in all things. With time you can learn to enter the Greater and Lesser paths at will. Things experienced in the Greater may be horrifying to you once you return to the lesser, but in the moment during which you are experiencing such things, you will feel no fear, for your humanity is suspended.

Workings have been drawn from the greater path, by sages, diviners of the past, prophets, prelates, and simple people like you and I. To view magic objectively is as serene as it is volatile. I would highly recommend it, but with great caution.

What you find is yours to discover alone. To each person the experience will alter slightly, a small change to the practitioner, but enough to separate them from their fellows. No other may experience your endeavor the same. It isn't a revelation, you arent seeking guidance within, it's merely an excercise in balance, to understand the Greater Path is to embrace it. Once embraced, the knowledge, visions, truths, and experiences lived therein will manifest themselves subtly in all aspects of one's life. It will certainly change one's understandings of the depths of the energies we draw on, the souls we share, and the Humanity we embrace.

+Blessed Be+

Lord Rahl

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