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Palm reading

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Palm reading
Post # 1
Anyone here who knows how to read palms?
I have just one question about my palm, I have really weird markings that I don't know that are my future or just due to change to my palm lines.
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Re: Palm reading
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
This thread has been moved to Fortune Telling from Misc Topics.
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Re: Palm reading
Post # 3

First, you should know which is your dominant hand. Your dominant hand is basically the hand you right with. So are you a righty or a leftie?

Your dominant hand shows your life and its direction throughout your life. The opposite hand shows your traits and what you're born with.

There are a few major lines of the palm. This may include the life line, head line, and heart line. These lines aren't hard to find, they are the three deepest, horizontal lines on your hand.

The lifeline will tell you about your health, well-being, and changes in your life. It is located near your thumb and it is the lowest deep line you will see. The head line will tell you about the way you learn, communicate, and your need to know something. This line is located inbetween the other two deep lines. The heart line will tell you about your emotions. It is highest line out of the three.

There is also a fate line, although some people may not have it. This line can tell you about your destiny, or important points in your life. It is a vertical line in the middle of your palm.

Look at the lines on your palm. Does it collide with other lines? Is it long? Short? Deep? Broken? Does it have other markings on it? Shapes on the lines? The traits of the line on your palm can have different meanings.

I have only explained the major lines. But there are other parts of the palm to read, such as the children lines, your health line, the mounts (of Mercury, Apollo, Saturn, and Jupiter), your health line, etc.


What are the weird markings on your palm? And I'm sorry but you can't change the lines of your palm to change your future. Our palms don't determine our lives, well that's what I believe at least.

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Re: Palm reading
Post # 4
Ah thank you, the weird markings are : two loops on the highest marriage line, one having a diamond on it. Many children lines, only two are deep (I know I'm having two kids in my lip, one adopted one through artificial insemination); they intersect with my health line. The second one goes down (I suppose it's a separation? I've recently broke up with a girlfriend of 1 year. No children however. And I'm a homosexual. My health line has two branches, one ends one passes through my fate line.

Some parts of my hand has X's, squares, my fate and life line have upward branches. In between them is a trident.

my heart line has many islands. Or separate lines that make a long deep line and islands. (Meaning, my heart line isn't one long line. It consists of a few deep lines intersecting which creates islands.) I understand islands means stressful periods which is true for me.

Here's a picture of just some lines I drew. The hand is a bit small in comparison to my real hand, since mine is a bit "longer" in length. However it shall suffice.


And I looked up what a trident was, apparently it means me or my partner (I'll end up living my life with) are wealthy or we will become wealthy together in the future? I suppose it's the latter.
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