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Name: chameleomoon
Location: Vancouver, Canada
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*New to this site* -17 -Creative -Animal lover -clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient -Intuitive; channels higher selves, gods/goddesses and other beings. -beginner in occult, Magick -solitary eclectic Wiccan -works with light and dark gods/goddesses but only for White purposes -Likes: spicy/sweet and sour food, chocolate, meditation, the moon, astrology, intellect. -Dislikes: pain, negative energy, black magic, ego and greed, dishonesty, being left out, popular people I may be young but my soul is older than you think! I don't come from this universe, so I have plenty to say! :) P.S if I ever stop replying you, it's because a) busy or b) you're trying to flirt or get too close to me "romantically" which I can immediately tell, I can feel people's intentions. So watch your intentions. I only trust those who want to talk only about magic and the craft. I am currently TAKEN. Blessed be.