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Can Do Muslims Magic?

Forums ► Comments ► Can Do Muslims Magic?
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Can Do Muslims Magic?
Post # 1
Can Do Muslims Magic? So This Sites Half Is Christanity Magic So What To Do For Muslims Magic

Re: Can Do Muslims Magic?
Post # 2
Yes, muslims can do magic, but it is forbidden in faith, especially divination.

You can find some information on arabic magick and zoroastrian magick if you search hard enough.

There is no such thing as white or black magick in islam all magic is "evil", miracles can be considered "white" as it came from the Lord.

Most of the magick from this site come from paginism and wicca
not christianity.

all of the above I've said is only my opinion and you should
decide on your own whether you want to do it.


Re: Can Do Muslims Magic?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
I can see nothing in the Koran that forbids magic.I know many Muslims who practice witchcraft. And why not? There is nothing supernatural about The Craft.It has nothing to do with any religion.

Re: Can Do Muslims Magic?
Post # 4
Right now I can only think of surat al falaq(113) mentions it.

It is mostly also a cultural taboo, in Saudi Arabia it is illegal to perform any act of magic other nations might not.

As I said in my previous post, it's only my opinion.

I don't want this to be turned into a debate.

It is also mandatory for a fellow muslim to warn another if
a certain act is harmful whether he does it himself or not.
Might sound hypocritical, but that is my view.

Re: Can Do Muslims Magic?
Post # 5

Magic is not forbidden but kofoory is.I am a muslim myself.When using magic you must make sure it doesnt include any gods name.such as hecate,lucifer,appolo etc.You can do magic if there is like god of change or power or any other ability.Because allah is the god of everything.Keep that in mind.

Re: Can Do Muslims Magic?
By: / Novice
Post # 6
Magick isn't exclusive to one path and there is nothing wrong with it provided your intention is help not harm. Certain holy books say no, if the Koran doesn't speak out against spells, then you're fine. Magick is natural, you don't need a deity to cast spells, but if you do cast, choose deties you follow. If you still have concerns perhaps speak with your imam for some insight. However, anyone can do magick, whether your religion is against it is another matter. Good luck to you.

Re: Can Do Muslims Magic?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 7

Magic is simply magic. It is not tied to any specific religion. Anyone can learn to do it no matter what their religious beliefs. And many of us here on this website are not Christian yet use magic anyway.

As to whether you, as a Muslim, should do magic is another story. And that is something that will be a personal choice for you based on the teachings of the Prophet (Peace be unto his name) and the customs and beliefs of your particular culture.

Re: Can Do Muslims Magic?
Post # 8
I've studied about Muslim religion a bit and as far as I know there aren't any restrictions in it to practice magick or any other path like that. I myself am a Hindu but I follow wiccan religion tho I worship gods and goddess of both the religions.

Rather I'd say that don't take witchcraft or any other path as a religion like most people do. It's more than a religion, it's spirituality. It is for all.

Even there isn't any problem even if you follow different path at once . You'll be a solitary eclectic witch.

So don't fear about religion, follow your path honestly with full faith and everything will be good.

Blessed be

Re: Can Do Muslims Magic?
By: / Novice
Post # 9
There is a belief system in Islam, namely Sufi mysticism, which does emphasize divination(?) and such. Much like Kabbalah in Jewish mysticism.

Re: Can Do Muslims Magic?
Post # 10
Yes, that's true.
Most times, when talking about islam, we actually mean sunni islam.

As far as I know in some subdivisions of sufism or shia or alevism, it's also allowed to drink alcohol.

But this only complicates the matter and as the original poster isn't around here anymore, I'm going to stop responding to this thread.

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