What branch of wicca?

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Forums -> Wicca -> What branch of wicca?

What branch of wicca?
Post # 1
My beliefs: The God and the Goddess, Pantheism, Faeries, Crystal healing, Herbal magic, Amulets, Celebration of solstaces and equinoxes, Reincarnation, Not homophobic, and Nature worship and environmentalism. I know this is not Gardarian Wiccan because that kind IS homophobic
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Re: What branch of wicca?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Hi Stella!

A little confused on if that's a question or statement :) But by your subject I assume you're asking what branch of Wicca your beliefs fall under.

I'm still new to Wicca but from what I gather I believe that would be Eclectic Wicca.

Mostly due to the Faeries aspect.

I don't think that Alexandrian has a Faery belief, though I could be wrong, hopefully someone with more knowledge will chime in! :)

I can't recall off the top of my head if pantheism is relevant in Alexandrian Wicca or not. It certainly is/can be in Eclectic, and probably some other Wicca traditions as well.

Wiccans worship the God and Goddess and some do worship specific deities or pantheons as aspects of the God and Goddess, though I couldn't tell you which traditions only worship God & Goddess vs. also worshipping specific deities (Diana, Hecate, Thor, Zeus, etc...)
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Re: What branch of wicca?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
Stella, what makes you think Gardnerian Wicca is homophobic? I know of many homosexual Wiccans; male and female. Wicca does not distinguish.
As for the God and Goddess; Wicca is the celebration, and belief of Life itself! Male and female.As the Sun and the Moon are the creators of Life, many Wiccans (and many non-Wiccans) think of the God and Goddess as the Sun and Moon.But life is not always created by male and female in Nature.There are many animals that are both male and female! Study more!
Lark would explain it better than I,because I am not a Wiccan; but I have read a lot about it!
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Re: What branch of wicca?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
Further. So far as I know,the only true Wicca is that of Gardner/Sanders/ and Doreen Valiente.
Sanders "slightly" differed from Gardner,and called himself Alexandrian Wicca.(From the city,not his name!). Gardner and Valiente knew each other before she became Wiccan; then she was initiated by Gardner in 1953.They worked well together,Valiente helping with much of the writings of Gardner.She "broke away" from Gardner after only a few years, and formed her own coven.But both are still very much "connected".
All other forms of Wicca are merely "spin offs" from the original.Just as there are many "spin offs" from the original Christianity.
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Re: What branch of wicca?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

Speaking as a Gardnerian, the Gardnerian Tradition as a whole is not homophobic. There are plenty of gays and lesbians within Gardnerian practice, some of them are even High Priests or High Priestesses of their coven. Of course there are some people who are both Garderian and homophobic, but that could be said of any group. It is not something; however, that the Tradition teaches.

None of the things you listed would necessarily be part of Wiccan practice. It is true that Wiccans do worship a Goddess of the Moon and a Horned God. But many other non-Wiccans worship Gods and Goddesses. Nor is nature worship part of what Wicca is about; although, we respect nature as holding a divine spark even as we as humans do. Some Wiccans, but certainly not all, work with herbs, crystals, and amulets. That is again something that is found equally frequently outside of Wicca.

As for what kind of Wiccan you might be, well at this point you are obviously not part of a particular Wiccan Tradition because you would already have been initiated and you would know which type you were. If you are working on your own and adding in a bit of this and that as you seem to be doing you probably could refer to yourself as a solitary, eclectic Wiccan.

But before you decide for sure that you would like to become Wiccan I would suggest doing a bit more research and study. You might start with the thread "What Wicca Is and Isn't:" right here in this Forum at Then I would suggest clicking on the Main Wicca Posts link at and reading through the sub-threads there. That might give you a good sense of what you are committing yourself to. And finally I would suggest reading the book "Wicca" by Thea Sabin for a good way to get yourself started on a Wiccan path.

If I can help you with any specific questions you might have I will be happy to try to do so.

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Re: What branch of wicca?
By: / Novice
Post # 6
As it's been said, Gardnerian is not homophobic, it was Gardner, and even then it was for two reasons, one the culture at the time, and two he preached a balance of male and female energies. Can't really balance both when it's two Goddesses or two Gods. [But we have things like Dianic Wicca so whatever] as time has gone on and views changed, the path became more accepting.

Call yourself Wiccan [Eclectic Wiccan specifically] until you discover a pre-established branch. [But even if you don't, it matters more what you know than your title anyway]
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