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The basics

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The basics
Post # 1
Upon recent study with quite a few of my real-life students, I have found that none of them needed full information on the basics before casting a spell. I did tell them it would help them tremendously but each of them came running back and said they did a spell and it worked.

Upon the spells they did, one was a contact spell for an old friend, another was a spell to enhance their memory of their dreams and the last was a simple pet blessing spell.

How they know they've worked was quite amazing, if I must say so myself. The first said the friend had contacted them and they had made plans, the second had remembered their dreams in vivid colour for the past five nights, and the last had a video [no clue why] of their cat almost getting run over, but the cat seemed to slip under the bus that nearly killed them.

Has anyone else had similar experiences or has never needed to know the basics fully and outright?

Re: The basics
Post # 2
I never learned the grounding part when I was little. I could cast with my will, but always liked fire. There was a walking stick or something similar that I used, I don't recall what it was.

Re: The basics
Post # 3
You are 14 years old and have students, in any decent tradition you are not old enough to be a student yourself. The basics are necessary skills for magic, performing actions and saying words are nothing without intent, will power, energy, and visualisation.

Re: The basics
By: / Novice
Post # 4

if you can entertain the analogy;

if magic is a piece of machinery of course you can hop on and try to get a hang of it, but you'd be better off reading the owner's manual and then practicing each step at a time.

A healthy balance of application and study i find is the best.

in my personal experience, i jumped into deep reading, and applied nothing. So, when i decided to get my feet wet i had start at the beginning, drop my assumptive/theoretical knowledge, and then be open to direct experience.

Re: The basics
Post # 5
Hadit, I am very knowledgeable and the high priest in the coven I was in said I knew enough about my topics to be able to teach. As such, I am a teacher. My knowledge and abilities are not restricted by any 'decent' tradition. I study Draconic Wicca and have surpassed even my old tutor in Necromancy and Candle magic.

They know about energy, they know about visualisation, and they have strong wills. They have not studied for a full year and a day, much less a month, But yet they could perform a successful spell. My question was if anyone else was able to do such things, as cast without needing to know everything about the basics, not to get a statement saying I shouldn't be a teacher because of my age.

That said, Thank you everyone else for your input.

Re: The basics
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 6

Just because someone can cast a spell with some success before understanding the basics of magic does not mean it is a good idea for them to cast.

I don't know who your coven members are but no adult serious practitioner would join a coven with a 14 year old high priest that claims to be better than their tutor with necromancy and candle magic. Not only does it seem you have an inexperienced tutor but that you are mainly role playing with your fiends that you have a coven. This is a prime example as to the dangers of children trying to learn magic from uncreditable places.

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