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Name: Mossgoth
Location: Away from home
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I have extreme connection to the earth element through my familiar, Charlotte, and through her I have learned to be more rational and resourceful.
I am naturally loyal and creative, thus linking me to my spirit animals of the wolf and the stag. Of them are opposites, herbivore and carnivore, prey and predator. But yet the coexist in that of grace and swiftness, as well as caution and adaptability. They are wonderful teachers that I wish to contact soon, as I am learning to astral project.

I know a lot about the following topics:
-Earth Magick/Element
-Mentally shifting

The following topics I am still researching and learning about:
-Dragon Magick
-Candle Magick
I do teach all topics listed above, however I am not often on so it may take a little while for you to get a lesson from me.

Brief description
I am a younger witch, my age being 14. I am a mother to reptiles as well as cats.
I am an otherkin, being Kitsunekin and Space-Dragonkin.
I work with various gods from various paths, including Nordic and Kemetic deities, as well as the Lovecraftian deities.
I am very connected to my necromantic path. I am also a very accurate Tarot reader.
The first time I ever used a Ouija board it worked. //shameless bragging//
I am highly sadistic, however my Draconic side takes over, and violence, no matter how much I wish it, never feels right.
I have a few different mindsets and mental shifts that I can preform. Of two are the Dragon and the Kitsune, one being honor and the other being trickery. Of my other ones are a serpent and a wolf.

On Belief
My beliefs are as such; I believe in what I wish and you will not change that, nor do I wish to change your own.
I believe that supernatural entities exist, I believe in physical Dragons as well as Astral, and I believe that the energy you put into your religion is what will happen to you.
I also believe that belief in a spell is not necessary, but belief in yourself is the deciding factor.