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Black vs White
Post # 1
Okay I'm an absolute nOOb when it comes to this stuff, but I'm really interested.
Have been looking all over the internet for information on newbies who want to try this "real-magic" stuff.
Most places I've been to, tell me that the first few steps required are
1> Calm yourself down
2> Picture yourself getting surrounded by white energy
3> Try out a simple spell from one of these websites to know how much magic you've got, if at all.

when "picturing yourself getting surrounded by white energy", I'm lying down and in my head trying to thing this white light kinda thing is surrounding me up.
It was hard to keep my mind from wondering in the beginning, but I've been trying this for a month and it's gotten somewhat easier.
The problem is, for about last 7 days, I'm picturing myself getting surrounded by this white light, for about half an hour, and then when I have the light surrounding me, I'm trying a simple spell from this website, which supposedly would let me return all the bad things this person has done to me back to him.
But I think it's backfiring. I got terribly sick, my head aches, I hear a constant noise in my ear (like a tinnitus, not a voice).
Then this last couple of nights, I stared picturing myself getting surrounded by a black energy. I'm doing everything the same I did before, only now the light is black instead of white (i'm picturing it in my head, with my eyes closed. Of course there's no rel light)
And I've gotten a LOT better. Although I don't see the person I'm casting the spell on suffering in any way, at least my headaches are gone, and the tinnitus is markedly less - to the point where i can hear it only if i'm really paying attention.

This could of course be pure co-incidence, but this could also mean that the white energy that i'm picturing, is not agreeing with me.
Is it okay to picture black energy? Or am I calling in bad powers into my body?
I'm hoping someone with experience can clear this up for me.
And also tell me why am I falling sick when I'm picturing the white energy around. Plus no matter which energy I picture around me, it seems to be effecting me alone, not the person I intend to cast a spell upon. Please suggest me what I'm doing wrong. If you can, please send me a link from where a noob can learn more stuff.
Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong section, this is my first post here. Although I've been reading stuff on this site and others for more than a month, i signed up just today, after theringing in my ears stopped.

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Re: Black vs White
By: / Novice
Post # 2
You're on the right track but it's like riding a bike, you skimmed a 'how to' then took your parents bike [too big without training wheels] to the top of a hill and jumped on. You might of held on for a while but eventually you fell off and got hurt.

Lay off the spells for a little bit. Cleanse yourself and start again. [Have a sea salt bath, sit in the water, visualize the water turning black as you pour it over your body and you are filled with white light] while your visualization of white light is fine, you should also ground and shield.

There are many grounding methods, easiest is to visualize roots from your feet heading to the ground, all negative [black] energy follows these roots to the ground. Then visualize yourself filling with positive [white] light. Be sure you're feeling this energy entering/existing your body. Many say it's a 'clean' feeling, but I normally feel calm or light. Shielding also has many methods, find the best for you, but basically visualize/feel a silver veil of light surrounding you and protecting you from negative energy. At first you might have to focus on it throughout the day, after a while it will be second nature.

You might want to work more with energy, feel the flow of the energy. Chakras can help the energy flow better in your body so consider balancing them, but it's not a mandatory thing, I know witches who cast spells and don't focus on balancing their chakras. Try making psi balls before casting another spell. These are not visible, let energy entering your body, feel it travel down your arms and pool in your hands, try to form a ball with this energy between your hands [should feel warm and a slight push on both palms] once you learn how to focus the energy, try another spell because spells need energy, hold each item in your hand and let the energy flow to your hands and into the item.

I also suggest you study what magick is and how it works so you understand better. Oh, and by 'simple spell' I think they mean a candle spell or a chant, very few items, requiring the casters energy and focus more than a bunch of items, chants, and steps. Good luck to you on your path.

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Re: Black vs White
Post # 3
If your shoe size is 7, 5 won't fit.
This is how energy within magick is. You tried casting a bad luck and misfortune spell. Would you consider this good? White energy isn't like ink. Red ink on red paper just won't work. No. It's is the opposite. White energy with " white" or "good" spells based on morality use this energy.
A "bad" spell based on our moral standards just doesn't use "good" energy. The reason you got sick is because you channeled your energy and let it build up, but it stayed in your body. It didn't escape and transfer into a dpell's result because the spell you were trying to cast wouldn't allow it. Even with a wand, this energy would have a hard time transferring. It's like trying to force a superhero to murder his mother.
Next time, ask yourself about your spell on the moral level. Is it good of bad? Then, use the apprpriatr energies. Black for the sinister, white for the pure.
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Post # 4
Thanks for your replies! This forum seems to be friendlier than i thought :)
I'll try reading stuff more, that's pretty much all I've been doing (about magic) for the past one month, tried spells only 7 days back, and like i said, it just made me sick, with no effect on the other person, in fact things are going better for him, he just got a new car :p
Maybe I'm trying to rush things up and making the spell backfire. I have my reasons to try to harm him, not kill him, but give him a hard time like he did to me. I'd rather not write them down here, IMO, this isn't revenge, this is justice.
But spells must wait till i get the basics right.
Yea, by "simple spells", i meant spells which don't require me to cut myself and bleed, or use herbs and wands. :)

Could you please suggest a few good books i can find online?
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Re: Black vs White
Post # 5
Well, i guess it does work after all.
He got a new car a couple of days after i started casting that spell on him, and now his car has crashed :p
I mean what are the odds, he hands his car over to a friend who wanted to check it out, and the friend crashed the car on a tree or something. The friend's pretty injured, and his car is really badly damaged. The insurance would cover it, but nevertheless, his new car crashed. A reason to smile for me :D
Once again, this could be pure coincidence, it could also mean my spell is finally working :)
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