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Beware people Beware

Forums ► Comments ► Beware people Beware
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Beware people Beware
Post # 1
Due to a recent car accident and the loss of my marriage , lifestyle, and in some way my independents. I personally feel very vonerable and being a newbie we are easy targets but I not stupid there is a member here claiming to solve all my problems with several spells to the tune of $200.00 and that these spells take affect immediately. I Have not and not and will not hand over any means of cash. I look as this as a form of extortion and will not fall victim to my vulnerability no matter how good to be true it sounds. I javelin only posted this as a warning to other newbies.I am open to suggestions from other spell casters, witches, wizards or people been involved in wicca for a long time . I have been very interested in wicca and spells for many years now and very open to any suggestion from other wiccans

Re: Beware people Beware
Post # 2
First off, if this person is asking for money from spells, or problem solving, i suggest telling a moderator.

Secondly, i suggest doing a protection spell. As well as cleansing yourself. Thus this not only will banish negativity, but will also introduce a feeling of protection,'and can aid in healing. The best way to get over your fear, is to face it, headstrong! To do so, i suggest following the list of activities.
Ask yourself questions. Like, How do you feel after the accident? Are you more easily shaken? Write your thoughts fully, be honest with yourself.

Imagine yourself back at the accident seen. Vision yourself leaving the negativity behind, and moving on with your life

Lastly i suggest talking to a doctor, or shrink to get over the tramautizing event. Blessed be.

Re: Beware people Beware
Post # 3
Thank you for those kind words Eyesoappolo As I stated I'm a newbie so doing a cleansing spell to rid negativity well I would have no idea were to start but as for seeing a doctor to help deal with the trauma of the accident and marriage break down and other troubles I have this I am doing I have tried some spells but I think I have failed in succeeding at the spells

Re: Beware people Beware
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
Never, under any circumstances, pay for a spell. You will be wasting your money. Write your own spells.

Re: Beware people Beware
Post # 5
A banish ritual can be easily done. This can help with protection, and banish negativity. Here is a small banish spell.

Tools :
1 black candle or/ 1 white candle
1 cup of water
1 cup or palm of salt
1 small piece of paper
1 candle jar holder

Steps :
1) cast a circle, state your reason(cleanse with water and salt)
2) Light the candle
3) Imagine yourself back at the negative scene, imagine yourself then banishing the negativity
4) Write your thoughts on one small strand of paper. Next write on another paper the following, ''I have endangered myself,and negativity has overcome me, please gods above(or elements) help me, let me face my demons, and banish thy negativity''

*Note: I made this spell myself, years ago*

Next burn the paper that holds the feelings(burn the paper). After say, ''negativity is gone'', next then grab the written piece of paper, and burn it. Watch it burn, and say, ''Negativity is banished'' after leave the paper burning until there gone, snuff the candle out.

Most importantly, think positivity instead of negativity. Good luck.

Re: Beware people Beware
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 6
Sad thing is these people keep trying to take advantage of the members. Best thing to do is keep the message and talk to a Mod and send them the mail. We (Mods) can only do something about things like this with proof. Please keep any mail you get like this.

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