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Buying Binded Jinns onlin

Forums ► Spiritual Creatures ► Buying Binded Jinns onlin

Buying Binded Jinns onlin
Post # 1
I came across several muslim or simply arabic sites which claim they can bound jinns, as in Genies, demons etc.

The arabic name for their geometric magic is called Taweez, its been around since Chaldean times (i think) , at first i was looking into the tamuz (names of demons)Abraham gave his ex wife Hagar and their son Ishmael (later branch of islam) to protect himself from demons.

I wanted to share this here because several people seem to be very knowledgeable about Jinns or so called demons.,

Below i copied and pasted a list of Jinn tribes:

Djinn Tribes

There are essentially 6 djinn tribes or types. The djinn tribe will dictate your djinn's general personality, and characteristics. Each tribe has a "specialization" and is listed from most powerful to least powerful.

Marid djinn represent water. They are the wisest and oldest of the Djinn. Excellent for all metaphysical & spiritual desires such as psychic ability, mediumship, astrotravel, communicating with spirits, telepathy, etc. The Marid will also grant extreme wealth, help in business and prosperity and matters of finance as they are ideal for abundance of any type.

Ifrit djinn represent fire. The Ifrit are specialists of passion, love, sex, lust, relationships. Anything related to the body, sexuality, love, relationships, it is recommended that you call upon the Ifrit for assistance.

Shaitan djinn represent air. Ideal for your mischief making. Revenge, bad luck, negative energy and so oon. If you want trouble for someone else, best use a Shaitan to do the work because a Shaitan will do it in the way that only they know how. Shaitan are also protective spirits and while they are mischief makers, they will not cause mischief for their owners.

Jann djinn represent earth. They are one of the youngest of the djinn and ideal for those who have never used a dinn before. They represent the earth, stability and so if you want more money, new job, etc the Jann is for you.

Nekrataal are the oldest djinn, but they are the weakest and as they are the weakest, they rely on trickery, manipulation and deception. If you need someone to change their mind, sway an opinion or decision, I would recommend a Nekrataal.

Ghul are the most basic djinn, with no powers or specialities. They are known as bottom-dwellers, scavengers. I would not recommend a Ghul to anyone as they are known to deprive humans of their energy and life force, making you prone to illness and feeling lethargic.

They sell the jinns with rings, here is a example of a MARID Jinn RING on ebay:


They instruct the person buying the ring on how to prepare the jinn to accept them as their master, some people also like to know if the person has several rings incase they are not compatible, as in two female demons.

This site warns about buying them on the net and how to be careful on choosing them http://www.brotherrahman.net/danger-of-buying-prebound-low-level-dark-entity-sold-worldwide/

Anyway has anyone here purchased or is familiar with this?
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Re: Buying Binded Jinns onlin
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
They want your email address. Don't give it to them!
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Re: Buying Binded Jinns onlin
Post # 3
Why not?
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Re: Buying Binded Jinns onlin
Post # 4
They're just cheap scams to trick gullible people into giving them money. There are several websites devoted to "selling" spirits of all types, not just djinn, and they're all cons.
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Re: Buying Binded Jinns onlin
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
Fatlip, once you make contact with these "scammers" they will offer you something free. They will then have your Postal address. And that will cause you serious trouble!
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Re: Buying Binded Jinns onlin
Post # 6

By the way you can not bound cin(jinn). You can only deal with them. Do not even believe them.

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Re: Buying Binded Jinns onlin
Post # 7
With a name like FatLip i realize no one trusted i was real about anything

but anyway, I have heard from one of these people via email, their sites states that they bind jinns for thousands of dollars but they only need to work for 7 days, anything going wrong can leed to possession and other problems and the guys refuses to sell any unless the buyer is fully aware of whats going on., they guaranty it will knock out black magic etc but refuses to set any up to reverse magic to senders etc.

After researching online to see if i could find anyone who can read a person spiritually with out having to hear their life story i realized methods people use for protection are basically the same.

1- They read a person, sole use tarot cards or astrology while others ask for the person's name and their mothers,

2- They link a specific problem and person to a element and planetary spirit whether it be an angel, saint or demon god or goddess,

3- They sacrifice something of a offering be it incence, candles or even animal to the corresponding element and planetary and luner constellation.

Seems to be the same with Wicca, santaria, voodoo, hoodooo, grimoure, Egyption magic, even Jewish magic in the talmud and Zorostrian and aramaic magic, in fact almost all seem to link methods astrologically.

These guys happen to be muslim, so they require one to pray using koranic versus which is not going to be comfortable if your not a muslim,

If your jewish, the talmud and kabbalah is for you
If your Christian, Santaria or voodoo
If your Muslim taweez

But there is one things that strikes me about all these methods and (angels or spirits or demi gods, goddesses or deities in geneal) all linked to astrological and lunar constellations, what strikes me is taweez, they use the same geometrical systems those do in grimoure and sigil magic, but the names they have for the demons aka jinns seem to correspond to the same ones budhist and kabbalist identify, they are just in arabic.

just so everyone understands my position, im not into anything to be honest, im just learning, i got many pdfs of books i could never of purchased of find in the past, i travelled allot and books where not on my list to drag around, but today with a tablet i have several thousands books friends i grew up with in the OTO and Golden Dawn told me about, in my past i also met people who where part of santaria, black magic etc, i myself only had tarot card readings etc.

It would be great if anyone out there knew more about all this, the crowley liber 777 book shares the same conclusions, the one thing no one wants is to be possessed or problems in general spelling out that one lost control of their lives so protection and reversal (if possible) is what im trying to learn about
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Re: Buying Binded Jinns onlin
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 8
On this site we trust everybody to be "real", unless they prove otherwise. You have just proved otherwise! Just quoting a drug-crazed sex maniac shows a lack of judgement. Then, you say on your profile that you "found out" that you were Jewish.Well, you cannot be a Jew unless your mother was a Jew. Ask a Rabbi!
You may very well have read a lot of books. But believing everything you read shows yet again a lack of judgement. Be careful what you post on this forum; you could easily come across as "Fluff".
But, Blessings on your search, just the same!
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Re: Buying Binded Jinns onlin
By: / Novice
Post # 9
This thread has been moved to Online Shopping from Spiritual Creatures.
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Re: Buying Binded Jinns onlin
Post # 10
All replies are very true, don't trust such online stuff, you may should practice on and must bind one with yourself, I know it is dangerous, but try from lesser one.
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