I hope you guys can help

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I hope you guys can help
Post # 1
Hi. I'm extremely new to this forum, and have recently had my eyes opened to the spiritual world in a BIG WAY. I believe that I'm either being overshadowed by spirits/entities or am possibly possessed in some way. About 5 years ago, one of my best friends (who I watched go through the same exact things I've been experiencing himself for 4 1/2 years) asked me "Do you want to see what I see?". My friend was devoted to Druidism at one time. He asked me to sit down in front of him and recite something (it was maybe 3 sentences; I can't remember the specifics) and that I would feel a "sword strike me on the tongue". I did this...and felt this "sword". About a year and a half later I started hearing voices. These voices know my past (and future, apparently). They can also recreate ANY voice of ANYONE I've ever know. They're around 95% negative; they're the last thing I hear before I go to bed and the first thing I hear when I wake up. I've tried 6 different medications for this; none of them lessened these symptoms at all. There are also physical things that have been happening; massive headaches, involuntary limb movement, etc. Also, I've confirmed that, at times, other friends of mine have been able to hear my thoughts (2 or 3 other trustworthy people have confirmed this by their own admission and specifics). These are the SAME things my friend who I was trying to help that day went through...and he doesn't seem to experience this stuff anymore. He also doesn't want to talk to me about it, though; his advice was "they're not going to put a bullet in you. Don't let 'em steal your happiness". I saw a shamanic healer for some help with these issues. He said that whatever I recited that day was of huge importance, and that I was more than likely already a target for negs because of some spiritual gifts (empathic stuff, mainly). This friend of mine is also a distant cousin. What I guess I'm mainly asking is if any of you guys have any idea of what I could have said that day and what transpired during that moment. The healer felt that the entity torturing my buddy had jumped from him to me (he believed this wasn't done to hurt ME at all; in his words he felt like I was extremely willing to help my friend...and my friend was extremely ready to get rid of this thing). I've been down almost every other (wrong) avenue looking for answers for this; I"m hoping maybe the knowledge you guys possess can help me somehow. I'm learning but still so ignorant and young in these matters. I appreciate any feedback. Thanks.
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Re: I hope you guys can help
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
You might want to fill out your profile, I've noticed many users don't believe the claims from one without a picture or bio.

I would keep pursuing the medical side of the solution to be safe, but magickally look into cleansing, banishing and protections. You seem to have people whom you can talk to, try figuring out what this thing is so you can better defend yourself. Even if you can't find out what it is, someone should be able to recommend a strong protection and cleansing ritual for you. Blessed be.
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Re: I hope you guys can help
By: / Novice
Post # 3
I believe a cleansing to be in order. A complete smudging of your place, and a personal cleansing, as well. Once you have riddened yourself of this, put up protection to prevent it from coming back. I suggest repeating the ersonal everyday until you feel it is completely gone. I hope this helps. Blessed be...
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Re: I hope you guys can help
Post # 4
The voices your hearing can be one of two things:

One and the most probably is that your mind is replaying the voices you heard during the day as it replays conversations you've had. sometimes its only bits and pieces so it seems like they are talking to you at that moment.

Second thing it could be, sometimes when someone is thinking of you they send out such a strong feeling that you actually hear them call your name. If I'm relaxing and its quiet, I often hear someone call my name and the person who's voice it was, calls me miniutes latter.

Some say that those voices (when you don't know them) are the spirit plane and you are hearing the spirits in the spiritual plane.
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