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Question about spells
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Hello Friends!
Last month i did my first spell!
Now i have had lots of practice with astral projection and deep meditation and have been reading the book "Modern Magick 12 lessons in the High Magickal Arts" as if it was my bible.
I cast the spell on Oct 29th 2014, This spell was a Lust spell originally but i added love into the mix as well. Now this is my story and what happened.

I did the LR ritual ( Lesser relaxation ) and got my body completely relaxed. After that i did the LBRP ritual (Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram)and then cast my circle. Then i did my spell. I felt good about the spell and everything went smooth and very well for i prepared my self for this spell and came into it strong. Now exactly 5 days later something huge happened! My targets Husband got into a horrible car crash and died. Now i don't know what to say.... Did i do this? The chances of that happening are very very slim! I have felt bad for the last month so i have been very supportive to her and her family. Yes its true thing are starting to develop and we have been getting closer but i feel bad inside about the hole thing and felt i needed to share this with others.
My question is how long do spells last and do they have an exasperation date? If her husband died was that partly my fault? Can a spell partly work? Can spells take a long period of time to complete the final out come? Should i be concerned with my own spiritual karma for the out come was not what i intended and was only a test, yes i care a lot about the person i targeted and we have been friends for a very long time and i could see my self with her but i did not intend for a death.
I know it was selfish and have grown from the experience.
Thank you every one who comes to read this and any answers to my questions or insight would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Question about spells
Post # 2
Merry Meet Lightrain, I'm new on this site but have been a witch for 24 yrs. My 1st advice is to take a deep breath & calm yourself. Now, as I understand it, and I have read Kraig's book, it is a book about Quabbalah (or some other spelling of it) which basically sprang from Jewish mysticism, yes? OK. Here's the advice of one eclectic witch. I know the book requires you to hand manufacture all your tools. Did you do that? Did you follow the rules to the letter? If so, where did you get the spell from? From this site? Did you write it yourself? Did you get it from some other book whose focus was not High Magick? Now, last set of questions. Am I understanding you correctly that the target of your lust/love was a person who was married to someone else? And 5 days after your spell her--I assume it was a her but could've been a him, either way, the husband had a terrible accident and died. Do I have the gist of this situation understood correctly?
Now, look back over the spell you did (minus the LR and LBRP rituals as those are merely to prepare your body and to call the Divine to be with you). Is there anywhere in there where you indicated that you wanted her/his love &/or lust no matter what odds had to be overcome? If so, you might want to rethink that kind of wording of your spells. I'm betting you did no such thing. I'm betting you worded it and never intended any harm come to him. Sometimes, my friend, accidents are just accidents.
Go back, get quiet, and review exactly what you did (and did not) do. I doubt the dying was your fault unless you did some death spell in which case...well, you know the answer to that. Most spells take a couple weeks to work and a month is more the norm, at least for me. But if you worded the spell that you wanted her no matter what had to happen for you to get her, dude, that is not cool and I'd have to say in that case you would bear some responsibility.
And now a kind word from an older person who's seen a lot and lived a lot. Fine, be her friend. Fine, be the person she leans on. It's not-fine to be the rebound boyfriend; that never works out. Give her some time and space to do her grieving (while you figure out if you are culpable or not). Give her time & space to be angry about her loss (that's just a phase of grief she'll go through regardless) while you decide what you think happened. IOW, stay friends and that is all until both of you can get your heads snapped on straight again. I hope it all goes well for both of you--
Blessed Be,
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Re: Question about spells
Post # 3
Thank you Selene for your reply. Yes I have crafted my own tools. The spell was from another site.


Gather together some rose petals, a red candle, Black Passion incense (we used Spiritual Sky brand,) and an athame. If you don't have an athame to draw energy, just do it the usual way. Phoenix casted the circle using the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, and we casted the circle in rose petals. Then, we said...

"The circle is cast, and we are now between the worlds, beyond the bounds of time, where night and day,
birth and death, joy and sorrow, meet as one. it is in this place that we invoke the tantric powers of Hecate."

Then we drew Hecate within ourselves through a few moments of meditation, and continued...

"And now, we are as one.
So Mote It Be!"

Then raise energy. Put the candle in the circle's center. Light it together,
visualizing your lust into the candle. Say the subject's name, then say:

"And now, the spell will be cast.
I, _______, cast a spell of lust and love over _______.
Let him/her have thoughts, wishes, and dreams
of unbridled lust and passion for me,
who is his/her Brother/Sister in the ocean of time.
So Mote It Be."

Light the candle, and say:

"And as we light this candle,
it is done with no ill consequences to anyone,
including ourselves."

Dismiss, thanks, and close.

You can do this alone, or with someone.

It's a her that it was done on.
And you got it all about right.
Thank you for your respond and for your advice. It is much appreciated.
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