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Can Someone Help Me!

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Can Someone Help Me!
Post # 1
My boyfriend and I broke up, I've already done a honey jar but is their something else I can do as well to open his mind/heart to coming back to me?
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Re: Can Someone Help Me!
Post # 2

From your profile it doesn't seem like you have been practicing long.

If so, you just jumped right in head first and decided to do a love spell?

If you don't even know the basics, which I am assuming since your profile does not say otherwise, you should learn the basics and get a good foundation. If you just jump right in and do some spells without knowing the basics, it will most likely not work.

Why don't you try talking to him? Clear the air about why you two broke up. If you do a honey jar love spell and you get back together, you will most likely break up again if you did not fix what started this whole mess.

Does he even want to get back with you, or is this pure selfishness?

People have their own wills, do not try to control them for your benefit.

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Re: Can Someone Help Me!
Post # 3

Perhaps a Meditation to promote moving on with your life and stop trying to reivive the past. What has fallen and break will not be the same when you try to glue it back together no matter how hard you ty to hide the cracks.

If you actually are reading this I have a suggested meditation.

It is hard of letting go and hopefully this will help you on doing so. This may help your self esteem. And we All can use some help on it here and there. This will help keep on having love and as well as respecting yourself and others. As we all Know Sometimes we need to move on from a relationship... And doing such can be very hard. We as Humans Thrive to have companionship. And Thus seprating can be Extremely Painful. This Meditation I am here to to help you go through the and Letting Go and Moving On.

So why Do you need to Move on?

Perhaps you were in love a long time ago. But now you may feel Anger. Pain or perhaps Disappointed. You might want to hang on and keep going through .. Why? Perhaps you are afraid of being alone.

If you believe your higher self is telling you to let go perhaps you should listen?

What we are about to do. I suggest strongly to meditate in a calm area ... As well as Adding to the fact of being away from the one you plan to leave.

Sit in your own type of meditation Posture. I personaly Like my buttocks being lifted slightly so I have a folled pillow I sit on and have my lower legs folded. As in a lot fo meditation to start off with it is suggested to meditate on your breathe for approxmietly about five mintues.

The reason of starting this way.. You need to be in a state of none or lack of emotion.

Once you are at that state visualize the person you want or attempt to leave. Tell them what made them so attractive when you first started going out or dating. What you Admire about them. Tell them at least three things that you remember that made your life so special or unique that makes you smile or tears of joy.

Then thank them.

Do not mention anything negative in this meditation. But imagine them being happy in teh future. Tell them it is hard to let go. But you must move on... For your own Good. Imagine them agreeing with you and wishing you well.

Once you get done of here. you may feel like crying allow yourself to cry do not hold back. Then Concentrate on your breathe for about 5 minutes before ending this meditation.

If you are willing to do this. I hope it helps.

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