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Help casting a spell

Forums ► Spell Suggestions ► Help casting a spell
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Help casting a spell
Post # 1
I have already made a post about this but I need more help so

I live with my dad and my step mom, and I really hate where I live. I get bullied really bad at school, and when I tell my parents about it, somehow it's my fault. I have also told teachers about it but they don't do anything. My parents are really mean to me too. They tell me I'm going to hell because I am an atheist. They used to hit me a lot but they already got in trouble for that a long time ago so they don't do it any more, but to this day they still scare me and I still hate them for it. I would be SO much happier if I could live with my grandma. I have a lot of friends in the neighborhood where she lives, my grandma is okay with me being an atheist, and I just really love where she lives.

The problem is, I can never get my spells to work, I haven't been practicing magic for very long, and I have been told that casting a spell like that would take a lot of work. I have asked /spellcasters/ to do it for me but they always ask me to pay through paypal and 1. i don't have paypal 2. those seem really sketchy.

Is there anyone that could do it for me for free? or atleast help me with it?
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Re: Help casting a spell
By: / Novice
Post # 2
well, hang tough until youre 18 or can move in with grandma.

as far as your spells go, make sure you have the basics down. sounds like you got a lot going on in your life, and a lot of it is negative. that can mess with you so youre not casting woth conficence (if you got the basics down....)

Look Jove, whatever you do, dont spend money having other people cast for you. 99.99% are all scammers. they look for people who are desperate and take advantage. they are the lowest form of life.

thats not you. and you dont deserve that!!

stick with it, hang tough and things will get better.

cast spells that are meant to bring positive stuff and joy into your life is my best advice. do simple stuff and get the basics down.

youre a young guy and youre lucky in that youve got lots of time to practice and get better!

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Re: Help casting a spell
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
This thread has been moved to Spell Suggestions from General Info.
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Re: Help casting a spell
Post # 4

Can't get your spells to work? Try learning the basics more. It takes time. It really does. If you want to be successful you have to have a solid foundation. Spells are not just chanting or saying some words, there is way more to it than that. And that is what you need to learn.

I know your situation is bad, but isn't life bad for everyone at some point? Besides, magick cannot fix everything. Report your parents to someone if they are abusive to you. They will be able to place you with your grandma if you wish, since they take the child's best interest at heart, if your grandma is able to take care of you.

Never, ever pay money to have someone cast a spell for you. You don't know if they cast it or not and just take your money. Never, ever give out personal information like that to someone you do not know. I don't mean to be rude, but do not seem so desperate as to do that. It would come back to you and possibly not in a good way.

No one on here really likes to cast spells for people, especially over the internet and if they do not know you personally.

The only help/advice I can give you is to learn the basics. That will help get you started.

And think about this the next time you want to make a thread. This is the second time I have posted help/advice to you. If you keep posting like this, you could get reported. I know you want help, but it takes time, and the people on this site are not here to help you through emotional/family problems. We are here to help you with magic. Which is what we have done.

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Re: Help casting a spell
Post # 5
my spells always work because i recast them every night for seven nights straight and it empowers it a lot you should give it a shot u wont wont be disappointed
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Re: Help casting a spell
Post # 6

Well, if he doesn't even know the basics, that will not help him. That's like saying someone who does not know english should repeat an english sentence once day. Yes they could say it, but they wouldn't know what it meant. He has to have a solid foundation first.

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