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Post # 1
In this post I will write about the Olympians.This post is just informative


Zeus is the king of all gods and goddesses.He is the god of sky and weather.He have with Him a lighting bolt.
He is the son of Kronos.His wife is Hera.He is known as the father of Athena,Apollo,Artemis,too.He had more lovers but all of them die because the anger of Hera.He is the protector of man.


Poseidon is the god seas,rivers etc. and horses.He is the brother of Zeus.In mythology also He made storms on sea because His anger or because some goddesses (Athena for example).He is the protector of sailors.


Hermes is the god of travel,trade,astrology.He was the son of Zeus and His personal courier,too.He is the protector of merchants.


Ares is the god of courage and war.He is the son of Zeus and Hera.He was the lover of Aphrodite.
He killed Adonis.Athena hates Him for his blood thirsty.He is the protector of soldiers.


Dionysus is the god of pleasure and wine.He is another son of Zeus.He is accompanied by some drunks and nymphs.


Hephaistos is the god of fire and art of sculpture.He made armor for Achilles,He made a woman of wood for Zeus to made Hera jealous.He is the brother of Ares.He was married with Aphrodite.


Apollo was the god of all arts (music,poetry etc.) and healing.He is a god of divination,too.He is the son of Zeus and Leto.He killed Achilles in trojan war.


Hera was the queen of gods and goddesses.She is the goddess of marriage,family.Actually,Her marriage with Zeus didn't was one very good,Zeus had affairs with other girls or nymphs which were destroyed by Hera.


Athena was the goddess of war but peace.She tamed the horse of Poseidon.She is the daughter of Zeus.She is also a smart goddess.


Aphrodite is the goddess of love,pleasure and joy.She is from the first dynasty of gods and goddesses (She was birth from the blood of Uranus).


Artemis is the goddess of hunt and wild animals.She is the sister of Apollo.


Demeter is the goddess of agriculture and grain.
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Re: Olympians
Post # 2
I am sorry for write less things about some Olympians (Demeter for example) but I don't know so much about all Olympians and I want this post to give just some basic things about Them.
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Re: Olympians
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

There is an excellent website at http://www.theoi.com/ with good information on the Greek gods, Greek mythology, etc. Anyone who is interested in pursuing information on the Olympians would gain benefit from spending some time on this site.

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Re: Olympians
Post # 4
Demeter? I know a few things about her. Here's a myth. This why winter exists. At one point the earth was always warm no winter. Demeter had a daughter named Persephone (roman name. Proserpine). Persephone was the goddess of spring. As such she was a beautiful as spring is. She caught the eye of hades. He asked Zeus to give Persephone to him as a bride. Zeus agreed, as Zeus was Persephone's father. Then hades kidnapped her. Demeter with grief made the land cold and bare while searching for her. When she found out that hades kidnapped her, she demanded that Persephone be returned. She was by Hermes, but not after she had ate the food of the underworld so she stays there half the year, thus winter and fall happen. This is the story of how the seasons come to be.
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Re: Olympians
Post # 5
I know this myth but in this focus I don't really want to focus on myths .I liked this when She try to find Her daughter which was at Hades.
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