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Vampires Aren't Real

Forums ► General Info ► Vampires Aren't Real
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Vampires Aren't Real
Post # 1
I saw many profiles and got msg how to became vampires whwn I said it is not possible they said no they are real and I believe in them... oky i know in magick believe is the key of success but magick is not about believing its about science + believing... with science and by the help of believe we can do whatever we want... let's take example of wright brothers, their dream was to fly in sky so they didn't put their life doing and believing in levitation if they do that i think we can never be able to fly lol but they use science to fulfill their dreams well yes they got failure in some trys but by believing in theirself they succeed, so please don't think you can be a vampire who sucks blood for their host lol let this clear by the help of science
According to Efthimiou's debunking logic on 1/1/1600 the whole human population was 536,870,911. If the first vampire came that day and bit one person a month, there would have been two vampires by Feb. 1, 1600. A month later there would have been four, and so on. In just 2.5 yrs the original human population would all have become vampires with nobody left to feed on.
So do vamps are real? ans is yes ( vampires are blood suckers who sucks blood of their host ) right? Leeches and vampires bats etc are real go and find them but don't think if you let them to bit you then you gonna change into that animal lol. Anything is possible with the help of science so don't challenge it. =)

Magick is real , but use common sense

Have a great day

Re: Vampires Aren't Real
Post # 2
Um...I'm going to quote some good advice I got from the mods on this:

That is your personal belief, and you are allowed to have it. But it's when you present your belief as being a fact that problems arise.

I, personally, believe that vampires exist. And that's my belief. Are you allowed to have a belief? Yes. Are you allowed to present that belief as the one and only truth? No, and for good reason.

Now, in regards to spells making you a Vampire...That's different. While highly unlikely, it may or may not be possible. That's my personal theory. Once again, I am not presenting it as a fact. But I am open to possibilities and theories.

Although I do agree that it's annoying to receive messages asking "How do I become a (Insert creature here)?" all the time. I'd just reply "Find out for yourself." or "Do the research."

Re: Vampires Aren't Real
Post # 3
Great answer, Hylianmoon
I Can agree on that!

Re: Vampires Aren't Real
Post # 4
Hhaha yea but there is a huge difference between belief and facts... sorry for breaking your belief

Re: Vampires Aren't Real
Post # 5
I don't believe vampires exist. Unless they are sangunarian. It's a medical condition.

Re: Vampires Aren't Real
Post # 6
I think a lot of this really depends on what exactly you mean by vampire. If you are referring to modern culture's views on what a vampire is, then you're probably right... BUT if you look at history, the concept of the vampire shows up in numerous ancient cultures such as egypt, greece, china, tibet, etc. ..the vampire concept is even briefly mentioned in judeo-christian mythology with the story of Lilith. In many id these vampire stories, a vampire isn't a walking undead corpse, but a type of demon or spiritual creature. Sometimes in a human body,.sometimes not.
Now days, a lot of these people saying things like ...lol can u make me be vampire haha kthanks.... just watch too much twilight.
But some simply use the term vampire to describe a person who gains strength through psychic energy, blood sucking, sex, or personal interaction.

its really a broad category, so its hard to just say it doesn't exist.

Re: Vampires Aren't Real
Post # 7
Yea I agree with you a bit psmith lol

Re: Vampires Aren't Real
By: / Beginner
Post # 8
I get those messages so many times that I don't bother answering them anymore. I mean, they didn't even read my profile info! Then when I check their profiles, they don't have anything on it(no pic, no info, no birthday).
Grow up kiddies!

Re: Vampires Aren't Real
Post # 9
I was just asked to cast a spell on a kid to make him a werewolf as according to him, a white witch needs to cast it. This was after I sent him links to information about the Werewolf path. The kid didn't even bother to read an article about what the path actually is.
I don't so much mind a kid asking if I can turn him into a Vamp as I know they don't understand what the Vamp path is (unless they are obnoxious little fluffies), but when I send them links to show them it's a predatory path and should be refereed to as such in order to avoid looking like a role player and I see them post the same question in the forum a few days later, it does bother me. I don't follow either path, but I find it offensive to the occult/meta community.
I just think if someone is going to ask about a topic, the person should take some initiative and read about what they are saying.

Re: Vampires Aren't Real
Post # 10
I completely agree with you guidance.
I usually try to explain to them too but most of them seem to be hung up on the idea of the fantasy.... Which is why I made the post I did in this thread

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