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Re: Sick of the Hypocrisy
By: / Beginner
Post # 11

In my personal spotting of the up above post, it seems to me you are aiming this at the moderators, as if they are the only ones able to provide you with "Ranks", now I know some of them, I can't speak for all of them, most of them are very legit and I bet all of them are, if they are miscomunicated with, they will understand by you pointing it out, now, if you try and argue with them (in which goes against the site rules), you will get into trouble.

As I posted up above, if you can't be mature and earn your rank, then they will not give you a rank, even then it shouldn't matter, ranks are just a view they have on your knowledge and maturity.

Re: Sick of the Hypocrisy
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 12
I want to clarify the above point.

Arguing with a moderator about a ruling, or the rules, goes against the rules of the site.

Intelligent debate regarding magic and the like benefits everyone however.

Key word being intelligent.

Now, Hylian. Given that you decided to single us out and I've never even encountered you - unless you're one of those clever little buggers with too much time on your hands and entirely too many user names - I don't have a problem personally addressing you and your beliefs.

Feel free to believe whatever you care to. That doesn't make it right. That doesn't mean we have to allow you to promote your beliefs and the like here, either, particularly if they are rooted deeply in erroneous misconception or otherwise being taught and preached when it is quite evident that there is otherwise a lack of real education concerning the topic. This, generally, can easily be viewed as roleplay or its promotion, and that is something that we very much attempt to discourage.

For example, you specifically state within your profile that your current goal is to master "Dark magic (especially Shadow Manipulation)." I've got news for you, bub. Dark magic is only a thing because it sells crappy books to the gullible. Serious magic study makes no mention of it, ever, unless the phrase is only being utilized as a metaphor to describe certain conditions, a moral viewpoint concerning the application of magic, or other aspects of magic. Being a metaphor, it is not to be taken literally.

Furthermore, shadow manipulation is generally not a thing either. Anyone who has attempted a study of shadow and light understands that shadow exists in the absence of light. It is the byproduct of the conditions regarding light. It is manipulated only by altering these conditions. You can make shadow puppets, and sure it looks like you're doing something cool and spooky with the shadows, but all you're really doing is waving your hands in front of a lightbulb. Given that is an interaction with particles, matter, etc. magic will not impact this. However, in a magical sense, things are often described as "dark" or "shadowy" but again, these are metaphors and descriptive terms only - not literal. What they describe has nothing to do with actual light and shadow, but what the mind's eye perceives. Exploring these concepts goes a lot further when you do so from a background that is firmly rooted in understanding magical concepts as a whole, rather than one that seems to be more based the fiction of anime.

If this was what you were going on about elsewhere, then I am not surprised that you received some backlash.

If you wish to be taken seriously, and if you wish for your beliefs to be taken seriously, then take them seriously yourself. Nobody grows from praise. Praise is nice, praise is comforting, but it does nothing to allow you to improve. If someone offers criticism however, it points out the flaws that you can fix. It points out the places where you can be stronger, and that which you need to build upon. I will not be nice just to placate you. I will not allow people to speak about fantasy land as though it were real just because they declare it to be their beliefs.

Beyond this, as was suggested, we deal with a dozen flavors of immaturity and ignorance a day, and have generally run out of patience when we come to some kid whose imagination is getting the better of them telling us about the fanciful world of magic. The practice and study of magic gets a bad rap as it is without catering to folks playing with their imaginary friends. Stop basing your beliefs on what you'd like to be real (but isn't), crappy books with catchy titles, or the magical wonder of anime (and other fiction).

Study magic. Think about what you are declaring to be real. Then maybe we won't have to deal with you as though you are roleplaying.

That goes for anyone.

Re: Sick of the Hypocrisy
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 13
The task of a Moderator, as I see it, is to moderate;language and content.I have said, many times on this site,that you may believe anything you wish, so long as it is a belief, and not stated as a fact.
I am a very old witch,but I find it difficult,almost impossible, to write about what magic is; but easy to describe what it is not!
I could demonstrate magic, say for instance dowsing.But trying to describe what it is, and how it works,is almost impossible!
Magic is an Art, a Craft. You can read about it in many books, but reading alone is not enough. You can read many books on Art and Artists, but it will not turn you into a painter! You have to be shown how to paint!
So, that is why a Moderator may say "No! You cannot do that!", but may then add, "But you may belief it if you wish."
We very often have young members saying that "nothing is impossible". Just a little common sense will tell you that some things are,indeed, impossible.
And that is what a Moderator's job is! To moderate!
By the way,I have never gagged anybody!

Re: Sick of the Hypocrisy
Post # 14
I don't see an issue here,too.

It's nothing wrong to say the truth.I mean I can say now "I am a pokemon"but it's true?No

Members,moderators,knowledgeable etc. on this site just bashing nonsense beliefs.It's not wrong to believe in mermaids,but you can't be one.

If nonsense beliefs are bashing is good because people can understand what magick really is.

You can worship a god but when you think that you are one...well it's a problem.

Personally,I don't see on this site people which bashing every belief.I see people which bashing things like "I am the most strong dragon"

Re: Sick of the Hypocrisy
Post # 15
yes I have an open mind and try not to offend anybody as well by what I say on the forum and yes the moderators do a good job as they have to keep an eye on the forum, but everyone has there own beliefs and there own views but if everyone said something good on the forums then people would have respect for others that's my view anyway goodness and light.

Re: Sick of the Hypocrisy
Post # 16
Ugh...I feel like a COMPLETE moron now. Every one of you made such good points. And what of me? What did I do? I screamed and ranted like a child...Frankly, I was expecting to be gagged or banned. I was so rude.

Though...There may be one good thing that will come out of this. Maybe I'll walk away a little...Wiser? At least a little less childish, I hope.

I know I can't just say sorry and expect everything to be okay. I'll have to work towards proving that I'm genuinely sorry. And that's why, starting now, I'm going to work on being more mature.

Re: Sick of the Hypocrisy
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 17

Just the fact that you are admitting now that you might have been in the wrong shows that you have grown and matured. Take pride in that. Not everyone has the courage to say when they make a mistake and to apologize. I respect you more for having done so.

Re: Sick of the Hypocrisy
Post # 18
that's good hylian you need to learn from mistakes and be more mature the fact is anything that changes your DNA is hard to believe it is not fluff now if you somehow provided proof to a thing that is called fluff then it may be considered as non fluff but remember everyone has different believes now acting like that made you look like a hypocrite in someway.

Re: Sick of the Hypocrisy
Post # 19
I...I know.

Re: Sick of the Hypocrisy
Post # 20
dont be ashamed hylian you learned and have grown and matured thats what important

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