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to rid monthly voodoo hit

Forums ► Other Spells Discussion ► to rid monthly voodoo hit

to rid monthly voodoo hit
Post # 1

I wrote a post about being cursed. And wonderful folks gave great advice. Thank you all. I've talked to my friend whom is a monk....he said the man attacks me monthly with Mexican male witch voodoo. How do you stop that many attacks??

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Re: to rid monthly voodoo hit
By: / Novice
Post # 2
This thread has been moved to Other Spells Discussion from Misc Topics.
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Re: to rid monthly voodoo hit
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
I don't study voodoo, but you might consider sending the curse back at him? You many not know who he is but you could try a spell that reflects the energy back to the caster.

Monthly cleansings and protections, along with not thinking about it can help. I have read wearing tassels is believed to confused negative beings. Fear will bring negative energy and make it worse, so try not to think about it.

More importantly, do you even know this man? Have you ever been to Mexico? People don't randomly curse someone every month for years on end out of boredom.
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Re: to rid monthly voodoo hit
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

Male witches in Mexico are called "curanderos". Most are devout Catholics who also practice magic and Native American healing techniques. They do not practice voodoo, which is an Afro-Carribean religion. I would think this casts some significant doubt on the claims made by your monk friend.

You did not respond to my question in your other thread on this same topic where I asked whether you had been creating wards and shields following the cleansings you have done. This would be an important part of blocking any negative actions against you if any are actually being done.

I would also wonder whether your monthly episodes of being angry and out of sorts might not be a normal hormonal cycle rather than any sort of curse placed upon you.

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Re: to rid monthly voodoo hit
Post # 5
I've met several folks that told me I was being attacked. And he sucks my abilities from me. I have only removed, cleanse, and protected myself and house. What is the other things you mentioned. I thought I answered you back. SORRY.
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Re: to rid monthly voodoo hit
Post # 6
I thought the curanderos were those black widow witches? At least that's what this lady had told me when she was talking with my grandmother.
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Re: to rid monthly voodoo hit
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 7

Wards and shields. Shields are to protect yourself from negative influences. Wards keep negative stuff from entering your home.


Many of those new to magic don't realize that it's a good idea to create a personal shield that you use on a daily basis to prevent energy leakage from yourself or to avoid draining of your energy by another. Here's some discussion about personal shields and a simple ritual.

"Creating A Personal Energy Shield"

Each and every one of us has the ability to create personal energy shields. Since we are all energy, shields are simply an extension of ourselves. In the movie, Star Wars, we know energy as The Force. As narrated in the movie, The Force is a binding, metaphysical and ubiquitous power in the universe of the galaxy. Yoda points out that ?a Jedi?s strength flows from the Force? while training Luke Skywalker; Yoda also explains that ?you must feel the Force around you.?

The Star Wars movie has a lot to teach us about energy, if you haven?t realized. Here is an example. Being connected as One at source, we can get affected by the negative energies of another. This happens when we have a weak energetic boundary. We allow others to invade into our ?space? or field. An energetic boundary is an invisible shield that screens incoming and outgoing energy. It keeps our own energy field within a closed, safe and contained system. Holistic well-being arises when we have healthy, vibrant and luminous personal energy.

The first thing to know is that no one can invade our ?space? without our permission. Hence, a big part of energy leakage is caused by the failure on our part to take actions to protect ourselves. Oh yes, it is our personal responsibility. We cannot shift the entire blame to others if we leak energy. It is very important that we take steps for self-care and protection.

Signs of Energy Leakage

So, what are the signs of energy leakage? Signs can be one or more of the following: feeling persistently tired, a sense of chaotic energy, constantly ill, heaviness and migraines as a result of contact with others.

An empath or someone highly sensitive and compassionate can be like a ?sponge?. Empaths are prone to soaking up unwanted energy from others. They unconsciously absorb the feelings, difficulties or pain of others. When they do, they carry an extra load of negative energy that can affect their clarity.

The thing is to remain vigilant if this is the case for you. You need to learn how to shield yourself appropriately, even whilst you are sympathetic to the problems of another and wish to help.

Types of Energy Shields

There are many ways that you can create personal energy shields, such as visualizing that you are inside a cobalt-blue egg, circle of love, roses and so on. All variations are just as effective if and only if conscious intention is used to create one. Random thinking does not count. You won?t also want to create a weak and sloppy one with holes. The idea is to focus your mind and use your senses to experience the shield.

I share one variation that will be useful for Lei, since she needs to protect herself from toxic people.

Pink Rose Quartz and Mirrors Protection Shield

1. Be quiet for a while.

2. Release any stresses or tensions that you feel and relax.

3. Take in a few deep breaths.

4. Focus your mind on creating an energy shield using light from source.

5. For this shield, visualize and tangibly feel yourself surrounded by a wall of mirrors ? around, over and under. The mirrors face out. Hence, if there is negative energy that is directed towards you, it is reflected back outwards.

6. Your shield is completely sealed so that no external negative energy can enter.

7. At the same time, make the intention to allow only love to pass through both ways.

8. With you inside this shield, you may want to visualize yourself surrounded and embraced by the energy of pink rose quartz.

9. See, sense and feel the completeness of the shield for a few moments. Hold that in place with your intention.

10. For your future reference, make a mental note of how the shield feels like. This will make it easy for you to bring it back into existence whenever you need it. You will need to repeat steps 1-9 as the shield dissipates over time.

Extra tip #1. You can also call upon your spiritual team for extra protection from all people who are toxic and negative. Don?t be surprised when you receive evidence of their support.

Extra tip #2. Before you step out of your room in the mornings, make creating personal energy shields as part of your getting up ritual! If you perceive that there are any gaps, cracks or holes, just repair it with new mirrors.

Extra tips #3: The Mirrors Protection Shield is also excellent if you need to go into a crowded space. Protect yourself before entering a bus, train or shopping mall. "


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Re: to rid monthly voodoo hit
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 8
One of the first things many magic users will do is to create wards to prevent negative entities or energies from entering their home. After all, you want your home to be safe, psychically speaking. So it is a good idea to understand how to build effective wards and some of the various methods of achieving effective wards. Here are some sites with good information on this important topic:




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Re: to rid monthly voodoo hit
Post # 9
I agree with Lark up to a point. Just to quickly clarify a few points, Voodoo is practiced mainly in the American South, Vodou is the practice found generally in Haiti. This makes Voodoo an Afro-American practice. Also, while mainly practiced in Haiti there are people all over the world who are Vodouisants. I highly doubt this is the case is either way.

As for the actual attacking, as said before cleansing and warding are great steps. You may wish to do a divination on the matter, or have one done if you are inept or uncomfortable doing so. Depending on the nature of the attack I suggest the following....

Mirror Box.

Vinegar Jar with a baby doll/poppet in it.

All kinds of things.
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Re: to rid monthly voodoo hit
Post # 10
Wow, this is great!! Thank you so much. I am going to do this ASAP. I do have problems trying not absorb others emotions to. I'm bad at trying to stay focused due to at least 3 migraines a week. I appreciate, you helping me. Blessed be
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